The Uncle In Trouble

The last time I had seen my uncle was four months ago at the weekly market in Aldburg, but once I had been alerted my uncle had been in trouble with some brigands, I knew something was wrong. Ecgbald was always in trouble with other families, he, in our family was the troublemaker. I had asked if I could go learn of what became of him alongside two men, and thank Bema it was granted.  We rode out upon the smooth, dirt trails toward Aldburg. We came to a stop as we had seen hoof-prints, roughly the size of what uncle rides. It led to many directions, first North, then West, and lastly even South. The horse had been in a panic, and most likely threw uncle off from it's back. I had allowed the two other men the choice of one of them going North, and West. I had went South. There was nothing but the sounds of little creatures rustling in the thickets and brush as I continued on, until I had heard a scream of pain. It was not from anyone I had known, so I presumed it was one of the men that had captured my uncle. I ran as quickly as I could betwixt the trees and thickets. I paused as I saw a red, thick, saplike substance, I dismissed it as I carried on, but the thought crept upon my mind like a disease spreading throughout my body. "It was my uncle's blood, lots of it."

It continued on and on until I heard another scream. It was of my uncle's voice. I bent down, my gaze glancing the ground for any noticeable tracks or footprints. A large bootprint was traveling in the direction I faced, I ran towards it, and bent down as I saw the light of a campfire. Three men were sitting around it, speaking to eachother while one twirled the roast. "Ah, this old man had many coins, until we flushed them all out." It was a taunt, at best in my mind. I charged in the thick of the moment, yelling out to my fellow countrymen as they had joined my side upon their steeds. We yelled at them, speaking in Rohirric. "FLEE, FLEE IF YOU SO WISH TO HOLD YOUR TINY DAGGER AGAIN!" They had fleed. Yet, it was not my uncle, but instead it was my cousin. I cut him out of his bonds, and he had explained to me that he was confused for my uncle due to how they both looked similar to the untrained eye. We parted ways as soon as I had got him to safety, he told me that he was heading back to our farmhouse soon, yet sadly I wouldn't be able to make it, serving as a soldier is most rewarding, yet time consuming.