The Hunt

There had been times when I questioned my will about to quickly execute a creature or a person. A brigand has a family too, a son and a daughter, a father and a mother. Is it our right to cut down a man that has invaded our land for nothing but his own profit? I know not. But it is the fact that we cut them down regardless of them begging us to let them live, for they have families. However, when dealing with beasts of corruption and evil like the Wargs, I have no qualms about cutting them down. Just this morning we had departed from Edoras and rode toward the Ford. There had been signs of Wargs so it was best that we were to investigate. Oft had us departed and searched for any issues among the Ford, but none had been so evident. It was revealed to us that the Wargs had been growing more and more aggressive, roaming across the Ford. We hadn't dared to camp, we wished to dispatch this threat quickly without that much trouble. It was not that much of a trouble getting there.

There had been more surprises upon that hunt, for it was not only wargs but Orcs. I had not seen orcs in so long I thought they were only legends. What was even more surprising to me was that the orcs were riding upon the wargs like we Rohirrim ride horses. It proved more trouble than we had thought. We engaged in a skirmish, I had taken several wargs out, sending their riders flailing. There was one that I engaged with though, an orc of combative stance, larger and thick-skinned than the rest, their warg was twice the size of normal wargs, it seemed to be the leader of it, yet more of a coward than a leader was the bastard. He had taken Felabald down, a spear extruding from Felabald's right front leg, blood rushed out. It was in my anger that I had sought to end this Orc, but ended up with a club to my skull.

I was knocked out, the blue sky soon became black. I awoke to a beautiful woman tending my wound. I hadn't received her name, nor could I. I had been told about what had happened if I didn't remember, but when I could I quickly sought out Felabald, determining if his wounds were as serious as mine. By Bema, I was glad to be wrong. Felabald had been upon bed-rest as I have, we both rested. It took a week for me to be allowed to even have practice spars, but still. My gaze is forever upon the Ford now, something is amassing there, something bad. Perhaps it is just battle paranoia, but I know not. At least I have survived this battle to fight for Rohan once more.