Liffey the Bold

Name Liffey
Lone Lands Guide
Young Adult
Outward Appearance

Liffey has a head of unruly brown hair, curls that fall down her back almost to her waist. She almost always keeps it up in a ponytail or in a braid down her back, and rarely wears it free around her shoulders.


She has a petite build with wide hips and slender shoulders, and she usually can be seen dressed in plain colors, not wanting to draw much attention. Liffey has a very youthful appearance and doesn't look as if she could be older than her early twenties. She's short, only 5 feet and five inches.


More often than not, Liffey has at least one sword on her person that is visible, and she almost always has several blades hidden in her clothes. She tends to look worn as if she travels a lot.


Her appearance is Bree-ish, and her accent gives it away, but she is not a common face that you find in Bree. She has a few scars here and there but nothing that stands out too much.    


Most who know Liffey know that she loves the idea of family and loyalty. She puts immense importance on the idea of family and yearns for a large one. She's a fairly open and cheerful person, but highly opinionated and can even be combative. Liffey does not like disruptive people and she doesn't like violent people. 


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Born at Ost Guruth, Liffey grew up learning how to heal at her mother's knee, and she grew up loving her home, despite it's desolate landscape. For most of her life she stayed in the Lone Lands, learning the lands and traveling with her father's caravan whenever it went to Bree for supplies. Liffey was still quite young when both of her parents suddenly died in an orc attack, and she was raised by friends of her parents at Ost Guruth until she was a teenager.

She began healing, as her mother had, and was a friendly face to travelers who stopped at the fortress. However, restless from the day she was born, Liffey soon set out to travel to other lands and discover new places. She eventually left her home, traveling into the Trollshaws and then back into the Lone-lands, making her way to Bree.

Always on the move, Liffey never stayed in one place. She traveled all over Bree-Land, into Evendim and the Shire and the North Downs. Eventually, she grew tired of not having anywhere to return to when she was off on her travels. Finding the deed to her mother's house in Bree in her belongings, Liffey soon moved to Newharrow, in the homesteads down the road from Bree. It hadn't been touched in years, since before Liffey was born, and it took a long time for her to get the house cleaned and repaired.

Over the years, she began working as a guide to carry people through the Lone Lands, knowing the best and safest routes to take, and the best times to travel. She soon fell into a good crowd of people that she really loved, consisting of several dwarves and even a boy that she took fancy to. However, Liffey disappeared from Bree for several months, looking for a friend that had gone missing. Only recently has she returned to Bree.

Blid and Maddoct are her very best friends. She is also fond of Maurr and has grown very close to Fenley.
she has no family left.
Liffey loves traveling and loves the outdoors, and she never sits still or in one place for long. Sedrynn will always have a place in her heart.
Bad weather always puts a damper on Liffey's wandering, and harbors a great dislike for gathering storm clouds. She dislikes violent and loud people.
Liffey eventually wants to travel every inch of Middle Earth.

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