Mr. Horgo Harfield

Name Horgo
Historian; Collector
Middle-Aged; In his 'Prime'
Horgo's Burrow, Harrow Road, Barleywick, South Farthing.
Outward Appearance

General Appearance and description:
Quite a tall Hobbit, Horgo is rather average in his bulk, though his slightly-broader shoulders would show his connection to the Stoors. He is a fair Hobbit, with features that are not too gaunt, yet not too conservative. He has short, oft carefully brushed, brown hair, and earth-brown eyes which match.
Only in the middle of his life, Horgo is ‘in his prime’, and still bears some signs of youth, causing some Hobbits to dislike him out of jealousy. His eyes would, however, often look worn, and tired; most like, from his countless hours of reading, and many missed hours in the night. His hands would be rough, suggesting, perhaps, to one whom looks upon them, that he has worked with rough materials in his life: as much, one might say, is from his boating.
He has a average-deep pitch to his voice, deeper than most Hobbit’s voices, and carries a literate, eloquent tongue: something that is reflective of his uncle, Borgo, whom he learnt to read and write from (Horgo’s father, Malto, was not learned with words, and was often busy with the three wards, distant relatives, under his care). Borgo had been a well-to-do Hobbit, and this nature is found in Horgo’s tone and dialect.

Commonly found wearing:
If one were to look into the wardrobe of Horgo, they would find an array of clothing options: from thick robes and coats, to fine jackets and old hats. Horgo oft wears an olive-green shade of clothes, preferring the colour over most; however he is sometimes seen wearing rich reds and blues.
One would note that Horgo often wears boots when leaving his home: something that has earned him more than the odd rumour to his person in Barleywick. This is, of course, an old tradition of the Stoors.


 ​~ By the marvelous Harry Murrel. ~

Brief Background:
Born into a family of ferriers, woodshobbits, and farmers, Horgo was raised on Harfield Hamlet in the Marish. Oft swimming in, and boating on, the Brandywine (something seen to be quite odd by Hobbits further west in the Shire), Horgo enjoyed the water more than most: at the age of twenty-seven, he was already rowing up and down the Brandywine.
Horgo appeared to be of greater intelligence three wards taken on by his father, and was to be raised by his uncle, Borgo Harfield. Particularly enthralled by history, it was common to find him reading, and very common to find him writing. Of note was his fascination concerning the Dwarves who travelled west to the Blue Mountains, making their way through the Shire. This curious interest first started when Horgo learnt of the company of Dwarves that had once ventured to the Shire, collecting the famous Mr. Bilbo Baggins.

It has been said that Horgo is best-found if one looks behind all the stacks of books in Barleywick, where he has recently moved to.
Coming into substantial wealth after the death of his uncle, Borgo, Mr. Horgo Harfield left the hamlet’s management to his cousin, Horno, buying an old smial in Barleywick. Although, to his knowledge, he possessed few relations there; save for tenth cousins, or even more distant; Horgo thought it best that he move out of the boggy Marish to pursue his love of literature.
In Barleywick, he would find the great writer, Mr. Brablo Boffin, who, much to his joy and happiness, he would later discover to be a distant relation – as is the way with Shire-folk!
His love of boating would cause the Hobbits of Barleywick much fright, and many think him queer, or odd, yet he continues to boat all the same; swimming in the lake too.

His home would serve him well in his fascinations, and he has already began collecting Dwarven pieces: jewels, small statues, toys, and the like. These, he places in one of his rooms, which he likes to think of as a museum… His Dwarven world, right here, in Barleywick.
In Barleywick, Horgo hopes to establish himself amongst the locals as, why, a local… to do this is no small task, however, with his many peculiar tastes and eccentricities.

​The published, and soon-to-be published, works of Horgo Harfield (on the Archives)

Some recommendations


Brablo Boffin, historian, author, and gentlehobbit.
​Definitely worth several reads. Perhaps the best Hobbit on the Archives when it comes to Shire-history and Hobbit lore. Mastery of Tolkien and eloquent writings to be found!

​In particular, I suggest the books, 'Remnants of the Northern Kingdom' and 'A Short Guide to the Notable Families of the Shire'. Find many more works here.


Riverbell (Cousin) - Totto (Cousin) - Foblo (Cousin) - Lavender (Mother) - *many more relations*
Books (reading and writing), history, Dwarves (culture, history, dwarf-folk), boating and swimming, tea, gardening (to some extent), coffee, cheese and cake.
Poor manners, disrespectful individuals, poor attendance, not being able to find his favourite books.
To live peacefully in his new home in Barleywick; To become a 'successful' author of his own
"How does one separate short men, tall Hobbits, and Dwarves?"

Horgo's Adventures

Horgo's Adventures

Horgo's Gallery

Horgo's Gallery