Brablo Boffin

Name Brablo
Shire-historian and landed gentlehobbit.
Boffin's Burrow, Brookbank Street, Barleywick, in the Southfarthing of the Shire.
That Means Comfort.
Outward Appearance

An elderly fellow, Brablo Boffin begins to show signs of his dotage. Shorter than most of his kind, he has become somewhat frail in later life. His hair, once thick and curly, is now receding and grey. Despite his declining physical health that comes with age, there is always a smile on his wrinkled face and twinkle in his tired grey-green eyes. He speaks with a polite and articulate manner, reflecting his class and education.

A wide variety of vibrant attire can be found in Brablo's wardrobe, including the finest waistcoats from the Westfarthing and a curious collection of hats. Although striving to dress according to his station, Brablo can often be found wearing plainer and more comfortable clothing when going about his chores and labours. At times he requires a walking stick to keep himself steady, but he maintains a strong posture nonetheless. A small pair of spectacles rest upon his crooked nose, as he seemingly forgets to remove them when away from his books.


Brablo Boffin

"A love of learning (other than genealogical lore) was far from general among them, but there remained still a few in the older families who studied their own books, and even gathered reports of old times and distant lands from Elves, Dwarves, and Men."

A wealthy and respectable gentlehobbit of the Shire, Brablo Boffin is also a noted historian and author. Born into a branch of the well-to-do Boffin family, Brablo has inherited the estate of his ancestors in the Southfarthing village of Barleywick. As the Master of Boffin's Burrow, a smial excavated by his great-great-great grandfather over three centuries ago, he has served as head of the Boffins of Barleywick for a number of decades. Privileged with a meticulous education, Brablo has spent many years studying the history of the Shire, authoring a number of books on the subject. A loving father, Brablo's four children have since come of age, with his first grandchild being born five years ago.

"The greater families were also concerned with the events of the Kingdom at large, and many of their members studied its ancient histories and legends."

Brablo now spends much time in his library, studying the many valuable texts and artefacts that he has collected over the years. Although consummate in numerous academic fields, he is best regarded as an archaeologist, learned in the ancient history of Arnor and Arthedain. As well as his scholarly pursuits, Brablo also manages his family's considerable business interests in the Southfarthing, most notably the famous barley fields for which Barleywick is named. Away from his books and papers, Brablo also enjoys tending to his garden and chickens. A courteous host and upstanding citizen, all visitors to his home in Barleywick are greeted with the famous hospitality of the Shire.

The Works of Brablo Boffin

A Reckoning of the Shire

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Brablo's Diary

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The Lost Realm


Berylrose (daughter) and Esmeralda (sister).
History, his home and family, books and maps, gardening, coffee, wine and cake.
Bad manners, nosey neighbours, unpunctuality, the writer's block and cold weather.
To live out his later years in the quiet comfort of his home, where he is content to write his books and tend to his garden.
"Give when you can, and take when you need." "There is a lesson to be learned in each day." "Let the world be the world."

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