Name Cedwyn
Running a small baking company.
Hamglen, a hamlet in the Breelands
Outward Appearance

Cedwyn is a young woman, in her mid-twenties, with auburn hair and green eyes.

She is about 5'8'' tall.

She is usually in an optimistic and cheerful mood, well mannered, gracious and polite.

Although intelligent, Cedwyn has led a sheltered life on the farmstead owned by her mother, in Archet. Cedwyn can read and write in the common tongue and remembers a reasonable amount of words in the language of the Maerc.


Cedwyn was born in Rohan, daughter of Arfryn (a man of the Riddermark) and Rosa (a lady from Archet).

Rosa had ended up in Rohan after her craftsman father decided to travel and take his skills beyond the Bree borders.  He packed a cart, loaded with wares, provisions, his wife and daughter and proceeded to head southeast to 'make riches'.  Sadly, near the gap of Rohan, the cart was attacked by a group of Dunlendings and in the melee, Rosa, who was 18 birthdays old, was thrown from the cart and rolled down a steep bank, banging her head and falling unconscious. On awakening, Rosa wandered the area hoping to find her parents and the cart.  Alas, she did not and ended up getting lost.  However, she had crossed into Rohan and a passing patrol of horsemen found her tired and hungry.  A young warrior in the group, Arfryn, took a shine to Rosa and rather than abandon her, they showed mercy and took her to a village.

For several years, she learned the customs of the Maerc and their tongue. The bond between Arfryn and Rosa grew and they finally married.  Several seasons later, Cedwyn was born.

Although Rosa enjoyed her life in Rohan, she found herself longing to venture to her birth land to see if her parents had survived and returned.  After some time, she managed to persuade Arfryn to make the journey with her.  Cedwyn was just six years old when they said farewell to Rohan and began the journey back to the Breelands.

Alas, the journey to Bree was to prove hazardous.  After passing the Misty Mountains, the party was attacked by a wandering band of orcs.  Arfryn spurred the horse of his wife and daughter onwards, whilst he turned to face the orcs.

Cedwyn looked back as her father bravely took on the orcs, buying enough time for her and her mother to flee to safety.  The memory of her father being cut down after slaying several orcs still haunts Cedwyn to this day.

On arrival back into the Breelands, Rosa took Cedwyn to the homestead of her parents, in Archet, but found the place deserted.  Realising she needed to build a new life for her and Cedwyn, she developed the surrounding land into a small farmstead, growing some crops and nurturing livestock.

While at the farmstead, Cedwyn learned much from her mother.  With no father present, she would work hard on the farmstead developing skills she would put to use again in the future.  As Cedwyn grew, she learned to ride a horse well and throughout her early teenage years would race the Archet stable boys in friendly competitions.  She befriended a few of them and would join them in fencing with wooden swords as they pretended to be brave soldiers or men of the Bree Watch. One of the boys, Timlon, taught her some archery and Cedwyn would use it to help hunt local rabbits for her mother's dinner table.

As Cedwyn reached her late teens, Rosa fell ill - some sort of chest infection - and the farmstead didn't make as much coin as it had done.  At nineteen, Cedwyn decided to look for work in Bree, to earn more coin.

By word of mouth, she heard that 'The Prancing Pony' inn was in need of maids for various duties and after speaking to the landlord Mr Butterbur, and his Housekeeper, she managed to gain employment in the establishment.

Whilst working at The Pony, she met and befriended Rickstan, a man of the Dale. In time, he won her heart and they got married.  Rickstan acquired a house with a fair sized plot of land, near the outskirts of Bree,  and they started their own farmstead as a side line.  Cedwyn fell pregnant, stopped working at the inn and concentrated her time on establishing the farm as a business, with Rick.

Cedwyn gave birth to a baby boy they named Averick.

However, in time, the relationship with Rickstan failed. The last straw being when Rick started an affair with a friend of his in the Watch. Her heart broken, Cedwyn knew inside it was time to move on.  They separated and she moved into a small house she had bought before her marriage. Despite the pain, for the sake of their son, Cedwyn and Rick remain civil and share the care of Averick.

Cedwyn and Rickstan formally ended their marriage, registering and signing correct paperwork with the clerks at the Bree Mayor's offices.

Cedwyn has put her baking skills to use to start her own business.



Cousin: Morfryn
Averick (her son), Fiontann, news about Rohan, baking and horses.
Rude people
To make a success of her baking business and keep customers happy.
''Hello sir/miss, may I get you something?''

Cedwyn's Adventures

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Cedwyn's Adventures

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