Everbrock Spudplucker

Name Everbrock
Budding minstrel
Young, not long out of his tweens
Oldfurlong, Southfarthing
Outward Appearance

This cheerful young Fallohide is easily known by his shaggy ginger hair, and fondness for brightly coloured long overcoats. He always has a cheerful "Hallo" for his friends and a wave for anyone.


Hailing from Buckland, the Spudpluckers are an offshoot of the formidable Brandybuck dynasty. Young Everbrock played and schooled with his cousins in and around Brandy Hall. His gaffer keeps a comfortable cottage overlooking Elder Falls where he grows prize vegetables.

In his tweens the bold nature of his Fallohide heritage led Everbrock astray, and a summer job working the Bucklebury Ferry led him and his friends to explore the Marish. It didn't take them long to find The Golden Perch in Stock, where Everbrock soon developed a taste for hard cider and an appetite for the tales of Shire merchants.

And then there was the music. Everbrock has always been easily distracted by a jolly tune, from Gammer Oldbuck's lullabies as a nipper to the lively traditional jigs of Buckland Faire. When he came of age Everbrock decided to follow the road west from Stock in search of new songs and dances, and to make a few tales of his own.

Everbrock's wandering led him to Michel Delving, and as he approached the local pub for the first time heard music and laughter drifting up the road toward him. As the Bird and Baby Inn came into view he saw a bunch of happy hobbits having a party in the front yard. A little shy at first, Everbrock soon made several new friends and was invited to another gathering at the Green Dragon in Bywater.

These days Everbrock Spudplucker regularly attends as many hobbit gatherings and concerts as he can. He has settled (for the time being at least) in the friendly little village of Oldfurlong, and even joined a band playing with Brandywine and Biscuits.

Dassa, Bilbeto, Acorne, Silon, Toadflax, Amorey, amongst many...
Wife: Sennah, Grandgammer: Hevva, Gaffer: Pogodoc, Aunts: Armerianna & Tattie, Cousin: Jagodoc
Music and dancing, drinking and dining
Warm cider and miserable weather
To study elven music
Hallo there! Splendid! Another!

Everbrock's Adventures

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Everbrock's Adventures

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Everbrock's Gallery