Nelnardis, Lady of the Silver Bow

Name Nelnardis
A Huntress for Maethelyn
Very Young
Imladris and Mirkwood
Outward Appearance

Nelnardis carries herself swiftly and elegantly. She has light blonde hair often left out of the way of her face and fair skin without any visible scars. As an elf her light green eyes are quick and she can see and hear from far away - father than normal men.


Once she was apart of the Warband of Imladris and could often be seen wearing her cloak with pride. However now she will usually just wear a quiver on her back or her new dark green cloak. Often she will be wearing armour, unless it is a special occasion.


Nelnardis was born in Mirkwood along with her two brothers. Despite mischievous adventures in the Greenwood whilst growing up and only too often ending up in trouble, her early stages were happy most of the time. However while still very young her littlest brother was slew by spiders when trying to accompany her with the eldest brother, Nernulas, in the wood. It was a difficult time, but the family eventually had to move on as time passed. 

Although Nelnardis' parents grieved still and many years later she accompanied them on their journey to the Grey Heavens. She would not go with them though, and they made her vow that she would seek out her cousin dwelling in Imladris if she still wanted to travel the lands. 

Making her way through the wilderness to Trollshaws, Nelnardis helped many weary travellers and some of them had stumbled into dangers on the road as a shadow now passes over Middle-Earth. Once in Imladris she met up with her cousin, Aewiel and both of them came across the Warband of Imladris. 

Many years passed while she was in this order of warriors and she had many adventures, sometimes returning to Mirkwood to help those left in her homeland fight the great shadow.

Now, the Warband of Imladris is disbanded and she seeks another purpose working for Elrohir as part of Maethelyn.




Stories and Chronicles


Band of Brothers

~ The beginning of Maethelyn

Leaves and Shadows

~ A journey with Eriallyn and Thendryt into Rhovanion



Cousin: Aewiel, Brother (now in the West): Nernulas, Partner (now in the West): Ebbephant
Those who hurt the innocent, those who serve the enemy, the enemy itself
Being with her friends and relatives, Imladris, Mirkwood, walking through the wilderness, riding, swimming, wine
Spiders, other evil creatures and beings
To protect others against evil, to watch the backs of her allies
If I loose count of the goblets of wine consumed, then it is a good eve!

Nelnardis's Adventures

Tell Elrohir 4 years 5 months ago
The Swift Arrow 4 years 5 months ago
Wild Horses 4 years 5 months ago
A Temporary Thorn 4 years 5 months ago
The Choice 4 years 6 months ago
Nelnardis's Adventures

Nelnardis's Gallery

Nelnardis's Gallery