Founding date
September 2015
To battle the evil of Middle Earth through Elrohir's leadership.
Main area of operations
Kinship type
Vinyalondë, Elrohir
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)
Adanmiel(PST), Curundar(GMT), Faorie(CST), Lilleduil(EST), Nelnardis(GMT), Thendryt(GMT+1)



Towards the end of the Third age and as many of the elves depart for the Grey Havens, Lord Elrond released The Warband of Imladris from their oaths. The few that remained were summoned by Elrohir, son of Lord Elrond, for his own personal mission. As Imladris stands well protected in Eriador, much can be done in the lands surrounding it as well as far to the East and South. Instead a new order of warriors would rise, Maethelyn, relying on stealth and precision to strike against the enemy. 

Elrohir has seen it fit that Maethelyn will govern themselves and recruit other members who would best suit the order. Meanwhile he will ensure arms and equipment are produced for them, along with issuing a headquarters at Thorenhad and Echad Candelleth in the Trollshaws. 

Kin Structure

While no one person leads Maethelyn, the Founding Circle stands as follows:







The Founding Circle all own their own cloak of similar design, but each a unique colour. They all report to Elrohir and discuss important actions of Maethelyn. New members may be promoted to certain ranks and titles as they see fit.

Those wishing for a place in Maethelyn

Those wishing to fight in this order will need to have (or desire) skills, training and experience in battle. Needless to say, a willingness to aid the free peoples and put an end to the enemy is also a requirement. New recruits will need to prove they are up for this task by meeting with our members and Lord Elrohir. One of the founding members will be assigned to watch over them and make sure they are properly trained if need be. If you are still wishing to apply, please visit here.

Out of Character Information

We are a fairly new, rank 9 medium/heavy RP kinship looking for mature and friendly players. Please make sure you are able to provide a valid backstory and reasons your character will want to be a part of Maethelyn. Of course, new members will be expected to be respectful of others in and outside the kin. Note this is also an Elven/Men only kinship. 


Faorie Faörie Liamna of Lothlórien Elf

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