Osilivren Annedur

Name Osilivren
Vale warden officer
The Warband quarters in Rivendell
Outward Appearance

Have a look in-game!


Osilivren Annedur was a sinda who dwelled in Lindon for the greater part of the Third Age. Prior to the War of the Ring he took leave of the Grey Havens, and set out on a journey through Middle-Earth.

Osilivren Annedur is a taken name (pig Sindarin) roughly meaning “From glittering white into darkness”. (I have never been a Sindarin scholar, nor will I ever be, and if you have problems with the structure of the name you are more than welcome to pay for my VIP account and I will consider changing my ways. :)

My personal view on role playing
There is no good or bad role playing. There is only role playing in which the individual does, or doesn’t, wish to partake. You are more than welcome to give me negative feedback, as long as you understand that I will under no circumstances change the way I play or portray my character based on your opinion alone – unless, that is, you start paying for my VIP account (for starters, anyway). I will do my very best to treat you the same way!

In the event that you do find it that my character has treated your character badly and believe that I, as a player, somehow might be unaware; please consider letting the characters do the talking first. If we are indeed role playing, I would appreciate if any inspiration and immersion you are providing through your character is not interrupted by your OOC IM:s giving me instructions of any kind - other than how to pay for the game with your money. We can have that debate later, if you really want to, just not in the middle of role playing. My attention span really is quite limited, you see.
This is not my blank check to be a  bully. This is my telling you that in real life I am not Osilivren, and that if you cannot tell the difference we will not enjoy each other's company.

Points of Entry
The below are suggestions as to how your character is most likely to find out the very basics of Osilivren’s background. If you are interested in creating a common history, feel free to send me a PM and we could work something out.

For elves
“Once upon a time…” – Engaging in any conversation that might lead up to proper introduction might result in Osilivren giving a brief account of his dealings in the past (former Marchwarden of junior rank, looking for someone or something)

“You say potato, I say potaato” – Osilivren is a sinda who grew up in Doriath. Over the course of time he has more or less abandoned the use of Doriathrin, but the keen (and knowlegeable) ear will notice that his Sindarin is rich with Doriathrin flavour.

For in-game friends and/or associates with access to Osilivren's house
Osilivren's house is located near Duillond. Although the property is guarded round the clock, any visitor is free to use its interior as they please. In particular, any Letters to Pebbles diary entries published on Laurelin Arvhices are readily available IC-wise if characters with house access so wish.

For the rest of the free people
What you see is what you get! :)

A few
Loves? I guess you'll find out when you do!
Hates? I guess you'll find out when you do!
Motivation? I guess you'll find out when you do!

Osilivren's Adventures

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Osilivren's Adventures

Osilivren's Gallery

Osilivren's Gallery