Wandering Earth

Founding date
September 2020
Friendly community of people that support each other in all their adventures
Main area of operations
All areas, including Ettenmoors in both Freep and Creep side.
Kinship type
Allied with several Laurelin kinships
No enemies
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)
Vadric, Vadrath, Lihniol, Thyrnir, Belleine, Sirstef, Sarthanthad, Fararandir, Coach, Elrianen, Gafro, Embaleth, Ashradsul, Madu, Gwinarth, Tovora, Braenric, Abildgaard, Berethron



We are ''Wandering Earth''

  • Wandering Earth is a community of both RP and non-RP players that have built a large kinship that focuses on questing, doing events and instances, including end-game ones and PvMP. We have a tribe called "Burning Earth" for our creepside players. We have a Discord server, which is optional to use. All classes and levels are welcome!


  • Our Belfalas Island Kinhouse has all crafting stations which are located inside and outside with a supplier and a vault in each crafting area. You will find a stable outdoors to make traveling easier. Visitors and friends of the kinship are always welcome to hang around with us!

If you have any questions or would like to join us, please don't hesitate to contact us via in-game, Discord, or LA private message.


Annuthoron Annuthoron Man
Arthenion Arthenion, Son of Arvaldon Man
Belahad Turgin Dwarf
Brambleblurr Brambleblurr Redridinghood Hobbit
Earonohtar Earonohtar 'Sea Warrior' of Pelargir Man
Edirir Edirir Elf
Eohrick Eohrick, Guard of the Isen Man
Liric Liric, the Bard Man
Olriandis Olriandis Elf

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