Name Olriandis
Proud member of the Order of the Arrow, archeress and huntress
Adult (Born in the beginning of the Third Age)
Rivendell, when not wandering
Outward Appearance

Olriandis is a tall, dexterous and graceful elf lady with a lively face. She has long ash dark blonde hair and deep green eyes. 

She likes to wear her violet armour if she’s travelling, hunting or even crafting. In a fight, her first weapon choice is a bow and if enemies come closer (which doesn’t happen often) she starts her dance with two elven daggers. 

When in Rivendell or other elven realm and at leisure, she likes to set her hair loose (which reaches her lower back). In travels and duties, it is tied. Also, she likes to take the opportunity to wear a lovely dress. 

She wears a brooch received at her oath swearing for Bar-en-Vanimar: the golden brooch with black inlay, depicting a double-headed swan, both wings spread out majestically. One head looking to the left, the other to the right.

Her father is Sindar and mother is Silvan.



"Wild child, full of grace..."

Personality: Brave, adventurous and open-minded she likes to meet new acquaintances of different races on her way. She enjoys the stroll in the wilderness as much as the pleasant evening in the elven halls. She has vivid facial expressions and ringing laughter.



Olriandis was born at the beginning of the Third Age in Greenwood. Her father, Captain Byron, is of Sindar nobility and was holding a high rank in the kingdom. Mother, Linnoril, is a humble Silvan elf (but of outstanding beauty and charm), a seamstress by profession, that likes to sing while working. Olriandis always preferred to be treated and referred to depending on her own actions and achievements, not on her noble origin. Much later in life, in Rivendell, she even wasn't mentioning her father's name, origin and rank if possible. 

Her first millennia was happy and uneventful, living in an endless beautiful forest, surrounded by her family and kin. She learned to hunt, track down creatures, kill them and process hides. Despite the peaceful times, she didn’t wed at a young age, as many elves do. She felt like time hasn’t come yet. Or the right person. 

TA 1050 when Necromancer came to Dol Guldur and Greenwood became Mirkwood, full of spiders and orcs, she moved with all the kingdom north. She applied for military service to protect her kin. During the training, she mastered her bow skills and learned how to handle melee weapons in a fight with an enemy (swords and daggers). 

Around TA 2000-2770 she was involved in trading with dwarves from Erebor and later the Men from Dale. She specifically asked for this occupation, because she was curious about other races. She enjoyed it a lot, saying that it widened her horizons, helped her to grow and turned a sparkle of curiosity about the world beyond the elven realm in Mirkwood into a bright flame.

After Smaug captured the Ereborn and burned down Dale at TA 2770, some elves from Mirkwood decided to head for the Undying Lands, she joined this group together with her parents and headed West. Nelfahir was in that expedition too.

The expedition stayed for some time in Lorien, resting, gathering provisions and bigger company for the further dangerous journey. Olriandis was charmed by the golden forest but followed her family through the mountains to the West.

The group arrived at the Rivendell and stayed there for some time too. Olriandis has never been to Eriador. One day Nelfahir showed her the maps and books in the library, describing yet unknown to them lands. It sparked interest in her and she decided to stay in Eriador and travel around. They have spent a few yeni on and off expeditions in Eriador.

Till the present time, she has already done some travelling, wandering and exploring in Eriador. But she still hasn’t got enough, so her ship to Valinor hasn’t been built yet. 



Nelfahir, Golvagor, Redandir
Father - Captain Byron, mother - Linnoril (both sailed West)
Enemies of Free Peoples. Nothing personal.
New adventures, new lands, new acquaintances
Get new experiences, help those she cares about.
"If you think the adventure is dangerous, try the routine - it's deadly!"

Olriandis's Adventures

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Olriandis's Adventures

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Olriandis's Gallery