Earonohtar 'Sea Warrior' of Pelargir

Name Earonohtar
Knight of Gondor - Seafarer - Explorer of the Tides
Currently residing within Eriador
Wandering Earth
Outward Appearance


Physical Appearance: Many upon the wharf of Dol Amroth or within the bustling crowds of the port city of Pelargir would know of Earonohtar; a recognisable and welcome face to the people of Gondor. His features although aged by sun and chiseled by hard graft remain fair and by no small account distinguished for a man of his age. His face reflects his labour and experience, with a somewhat tanned complexion to match from his days spent at sea. He sports long, light-brown hair which rests upon his shoulders in wavy and unruly locks. Upon his chin he wears a rough stubble, not to long to become a beard. His eyes which are a deep sea blue show signs of crows feet at their corners. He stands tall, broad and well-built which is expected from occupation. He demonstrates fairly easy manners but is rather direct in his speech. Overall, he would appear welcoming and trustworthy to most, however is quick to temper if challenged.


Titles: He has received no noble titles other than that of his station within service. Nevertheless, his comrades and crew affectionately refer to the Elvish translation of his name which is Earonohtar, 'Sea-Warrior'.


General Attire: Earon proudly wears a customised set of Gondorian clothing suitable both for battle and work at sea. This is composed of chain mail, clad with a steel blue tabard and leather garments to assist in his flexibility and movement. 


Distinguishing Features: Other than those aforementioned, his immediate features remain untarnished by battle. Nevertheless, the palms upon his hands sport hard skin and minor calluses.


Education: Earon is believed to have been born within Pelargir, but was raised as an orphan child. What happened to his mother and father remains a mystery, however the young lad began to make a name for himself through his keen aptitude for sailing and combat. This later caught the eye of a Knight, whom offered him a chance to enlist within the Gondorian military and utilise his skills. He accepted the position wholeheartedly, and received a basic level of education in the process.


Languages Spoken: Westron


Preferred Choice of Weaponry: Earon carries a great sword of Gondorian craftsmanship. Upon his belt he also bears a dagger of a simple design, used both upon rope and orc alike. He is a gifted swordsman and has proven himself in a number of battles.


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Earon was found lost on the coast of Belfalas, an orphan in the storm. The child was no more than three winters when rescued by merchant sailors and held no form of identification upon him to discern from where he hailed. It was believed that he came from Pelargir, however this too is speculation. Regardless, he was taken to Pelargir and passed into the care of an orphanage. There the child lived out his days in reasonable solitude and was quite content to do so. However, as he grew and to the surprise of many, he decided to take back to the sea as a deckhand. Anyone would have thought to traverse the sea would have been the last thing he would have sought to do, given his history. Nevertheless, to the sea he went and quickly took to the life of a sailor.

In his young adolescence, the crew with whom he sailed taught him in the way of combat aboard the deck of the of the vessel which he called home. The reason for this was twofold. The first being that they were in need of additional protection on voyages. The second, the Corsairs of Umbar had developed a keen interest in harassing Gondorian ships. He was a quick learner in the art of swordcraft and practiced rigorously. His combat skills had almost surpassed that of the Captain when he came of age and, through right of succession, he became the First-Mate when his predecessor passed from a fever.

Years prior to the War of the Ring, the ship was set upon by corsairs and almost brought to ruin. Earon fought valiantly and was one of the view survivors of the attack. Having witnessed those whom were as close to family as he ever had put to the sword, he fell into a state of despair and took to heavy drink to comfort his woes. His valiant deeds did not go unnoticed however, for rumours and stories of his bravery spread across the city of Pelargir and beyond. A Knight of Gondor found Earon in a deep drunken stupor and nurtured him back to health. He had heard of the young man on his travels and offered to rekindle his nerve to serve a greater cause. This Knight was Tercenion of Minas Tirith, and was soon to become Earon's greatest friend and mentor.

Over the years Earonohtar grew stronger and more capable. He developed a code of duty and honour, using his seafaring and combat skills both to serve the realm of Gondor. In the present day, he seeks still to serve and fight for the greater good. In the events of the War of the Ring, he fought to defend Pelargir against his sworn enemies of Umbar and survived to tell the tale. Now, he remains steadfast and driven by the ambition to never rest until the enemy is gone and the seas safe forevermore. 

Many in the making.
His blood family remain unknown.
Those who would pose a threat to the realm of Gondor and the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth.
His heart belongs to the sea and his country. Nevetheless, he has loved once and was near betrothed.
He utterly loathes those whom serve or have served the Dark Lord Sauron. He harbours a particuar hatred towards the Corsairs of Umbar.
To serve and protect, be it on land or at sea.
"I say what I please, and at this moment it pleases me to tell you that you annoy me."

Earonohtar's Adventures

Letters to Pelargir: Lost at Sea 4 days 18 hours ago
Earonohtar's Adventures

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Earonohtar's Gallery