Tribute to the Dancers and Musicians of Bree

Tribute to the Dancers and Musicians of Bree


In a darkened courtyard in a country far away,

Through the hazy campfire light I see them dance and play.

Their music echoes through the shadows, calls to all who hear,

‘Come forth, approach and join us, there’s naught for you to fear’.


Hear the dance steps on the cobbles

In the campfire’s flick’ring light

Swirling, twirling, whirling

All the livelong night.


What drives these maids and youths to cavort in firelight’s glow,

What magic notes command them as they frolic to and fro?

See the elf maid writhe and sway, her tresses flowing loose

What sorcery commands her step, what subtle notes seduce?


Faster then, and faster still,

Hear the tempo slowly rise,

Reeling, wheeling, keeling,

See their wild eyes!


As the dawn approaches fast, we hear the music swell,

With fixed gaze they heed its call , as if under a spell,

Imprisoned by the siren call of lute and pipe and song.

I’d gladly take their prison bars and join that spellbound throng!


Dancing and prancing,

Entrancing and romancing,

Let the music guide my steps,

Let the dance go on!