Rescue mission

Approx. TA 2400, Mirkwood

The group of elves was standing above the particularly badly mauled and torn-apart corpse of an elf. 
- So, we've found one from the missing group. Just can't say who that is. - stated the tall elf who seemed to be the leader. 
- It was unwise to send out the unit that entirely consists of recruits and yesterday's recruits. - said Olriandis.
- Are you questioning my skill and authority, Second Offi...
The leader was interrupted by sounds of vomiting - a fresh recruit, Redandir, couldn't hold his breakfast down at the sight of the scene.
- Just what I said - sighed Olriandis. - And no, of course, I'm not questioning anything, First Officer.
- Wrap the rests, let's try to bring it home for a proper burial. And find others.

The group continued deeper into the forest. Redandir was pale and a bit green, but was walking steadily near Olriandis. 
- It is the stench of the opened intestines that is the worst. Though the picture wasn't neat either. - said she.
-  The shame... - mumbled Redandir.
-  Don't worry, you are not the first, nor the last. And yes -  do it right where you stand. Who knows what creeps in the bushes and deeper in the forest? 
Redandir took a deep breath in and swallowed.