Annual Blue Mountains Yule Revelries

December 15th, 2021
3pm Servertime / 8pm UK time
5 Roaring Road, Vendóm, Thorin's Hall Homesteads (Snow area Kinship house)

Event details:

Mahal's Blessings!

The Blue Mountains Regiment is having Annual Yule banquet on the 15th of December to celebrate the Yule season and to share in its spirit.

There will be a special Yule-themed menu with many treats!

Tavern staff will be handing out small gifts for all guests!

Come dressed in your best Yule costume, enjoy traditional dwarrows company, food, drinks and more!

Events will include;

  • a Yule-themed concert by
    the Blue Mountains Band & The Bullroarers
  • a Best Yule Poetry Competition
  • a Yule Toast & Memorial To the Lost
  • sampling delicious Yule-themed food and drinks
OOC details:

Memorial to The Lost:

Recent times have been trying and heart-wrenching. We have lost a great many loved ones in our community, and others outside of it who were important to us. 

On the 15th, we will also share a story of remembrance, play a song in memory, raise a toast to lives lost. Yule is a time of reflection; if you have someone you would like to honour, we invite you to take the stage. We will ensure they won’t soon be forgotten.

Open to ALL RACES.

Please come dressed in a Yule-themed costume and enjoy the evening!

No weapons or pets are allowed indoors.

Just bring your sense of good will and a good appetite!

Thank you and hope to see you there!
Previous Event Video:
Blue Mountains Regiment Yule Banquet 2020


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