Barkgrim Kuinn's Son Flameturg

Name Barkgrim
Armeakh (104)
Ulfhirth - Thorin's Halls
Outward Appearance

There is not much to say.Barkgrim is just a grumpy dwarf with a red beard.
If you truly know him, you will find out more!




Tyrimli and his son Barkgrim arrived in Thakalgund on a snowy winter morning in 2955.  
An officer of the guard of King Dáin Tyrimli was, honoured for his service.  He had been sent to by King Dáin himself to serve Lord Kuinn as personal guard.  His young son Barkgrim, who sported a bloodred beard, a mere 40 years old, travelled for the first time since the death of his mother.  Kriná, a princess of the Firebeards she was, who had died the year before in an Orc ambush, as she travelled to a meeting of her kin in the Blue Mountains.  Barkgrim remembered little of his time as a child, safe for the love of his beautiful mother.  Kriná's beauty was legendary, both in the Blue Mountains are beyond.  Great was the surprise when she chose Tyrimli, son of Brumli as her husband to be.  As Tyrimli was a mere soldier, a longbeard at that.  Yet Tyrimli quickly earned the respect of the Firebeards of Tumunzahar.  Singlehanded he slew a battalion of goblins about to attack the hall.  By doing so, he earned the blessing of her father, who was brother to the King of the Firebeards.  
Tyrimli's strenght and skill in battle became legendary and his services were soon called upon by the Kings of both Longbeards and Firebeards.  And so Tyrimli travelled from West to East, together with his young wife Kriná, who he dared not leave alone.  Though her father strongly advised against it, she would not be parted of Tyrimli and joined him gladly on all his travels. 
So, it was that their only son Barkgrim was born on the road in 2915, on a snowy pass at the foot of Barazinbar, above Moria.  Tyrimli later joked that Barkgrim was the first dwarf to be born in Moria for almost a thousand years.   The young family travelled accross Eriador, from Hall to Hall. never settling long in one place.  Barkgrim grew accustomed to hearing many accents, making friends amongst many peoples and clans.   As a young dwarrow of 20 winters he stayed in Needlehole for a few years.  As his father Tyrimli had taken a post as guard there.  There he fell in love with the ways of Hobbits.  Soon all hobbits in the North and East farthing talked about the "flamebeard" dwarf that was running around with little hobbits playing tricks and playing tricks on unawere travellers.  His love for hobbits and their ways never left him.
When on one of their journeys Orcs attacked their caravan, Barkgrim saw his mother slain brutally by the simitar of an Orc.  There he swore to avange the death of his mother for as long as he drew breath.   Tyrimli had lost his precious wife Kriná and was no longer welcomed in the Halls of the Firebeards.  A lost dwarf he wandered with his son to the Lonely Mountain, that had been reclaimed some years earlier.  There Lord Dáin, who knew Tyrimli's bravory and strenght well, instructed Tyrimli to head to Thakalgund with his son and serve Lord Kuinn. 
Years passed an Tyrimli served Kuinn with utter devotion and strenght.  So it came that Tyrimli was names Second Lord of Thakalgund in 2970.  One day in the early spring of 2971 Tyrimli was given the important task to hand a message to Lord Elrond in Rivendell.  The message could not delay as it would endager the lives of many dwarrows, so Tyrimli was told.  Jumping to the call of Lord Kuinn he left Thakalgund and raced toward Rivendell.  Though Tyrimli's message reached the elven halls, Tyrimli died of his wounds after being attacked on the road.   As Tyrimli died in the service of Lord Kuinn, Kuinn took it upon him to adopt young Barkgrim and raise him as his own.  Barkgrim, named Flamebeard by many in Thakalgund, as he had clearly enherited the rich bright red beard of his Firebeard mother, quickly became known by all for his strenght and bravery, much like his first father Tyrimli.  Kuinn believed at the time he had lost his only son Kandral, though in reality he had fled to the Shire.  Upon his return Kandral accepted and welcomed his new brother, who he called "Barki", and taught him much.    
It was clear from an early age that Barkgrim had a talent for smithing.  So Kuinn called for the best smiths to train Barkgrim.  Years passed and Barkgrim, son of Kuinn became a renown armoursmith, known for his quality shields.  Without a doubt, the best shields in all of the West.   As many longbeards Barkgrim joined the ranks of the kinship Durin's Folk in the Blue Mountains, serving his uncle Duinn.Then Barkgrim left the ranks of Durin's Folk and created his own path.From now on, Barkgrim will be serving The Blue Mountains Regiment!

Dwarrows and hobbits of the middle-earth
Grandfather:Muninn Father:Kuinn Brother:Kandral Uncle:Duinn
Them pointy-eared elves
Fresh pie, tunes, shire folk, brotherhood, fireworks
Angmar - Mirkwood - Elves
If yer a dwarf, call me brother!
''May Mahal's Hammer Shield You''

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Barkgrim's Adventures

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