Tears of His Love

Egfor slipped out of bed and snuck out of the house again. Dem let him think he succeeded in not waking him up. He waited till the door closed before getting up and following him. Egfor was depressed last night, and Dem feared for his safety. Why did the man think he always needed to be the happy-go-lucky drunk he had to be for his old friends to him, much less his children.

Dem shook his head and watched as Egfor appeared on the balcony of the mill. He snuck closer in case Egfor planned on jumping, but it didn’t feel like he would. At the base, he stood and listened to the heartbreaking tears of the man he loved. It had to be from his youth, this pain. Not from Aran as Em thought. Not from Wulf as he thought. Egfor told Em he was hurt as a child.

He stood at the base and panicked when Egfor’s feeling cut off. He had removed his ring. He positioned himself just right to catch him if he jumped off the mill’s balcony; even if it wasn’t high enough to kill, it was high enough to injure him badly.

He’d been quiet their whole trip to get the food from Captain Crow. An ill-gotten bounty, true, but he would use it to force the merchant’s hand to lower their prices, he hoped. It was times like this he wished the rings would let him see into Egfor’s mind. The man was so afraid his past would send Dem away, and it wouldn’t. But how would he convince his husband to share?

Egfor stood, and Dem readied himself to catch him when he felt the ring going back on and saw him duck back into the mill. Then, like a jackrabbit chased by Egfor’s dogs, Dem bounded for the house and bed. He calmed his breathing and feigned sleep just as he heard the door open and the dogs clamoring to great Egfor. Now he could pretend he woke to the dogs.

“Sorry, had to pee, didn’t mean to wake you.”

Dem opened his arms, “I don’t see why you don’t use the chamber pot at night, love.”

Egfor shrugged and crawled into bed, snuggling deep in Dem’s arms. Dem watched him through slitted eyes until he was sure Egfor was asleep before letting himself drift back to sleep.