Sitting Amongst Friends and Family

I am sitting among my friends Copper and Nelendor, along with my Papa and Father. A lot is going on, and I suddenly feel overwhelmed, so I sit a bit off, and listen to their talk. I find writing poems helps me to calm, so here we go...

Poem 1:

Sometimes I hear their cries

The screams of the ones

Who have long since past

They keep me up at night

As they whisper in my ear

Telling me stories

Of how their end came near

Some saw it coming

Some saw the blade

Some will never know

How their time came to pass

I listen to the stories

Of those long since lost

And wonder

When will I be the one

Whispering in the child's ear?

Papa just said that he is worried that after people abandon their farms that they may not come back. I do so hope this orc trouble and drought goes away soon. I don't like seeing my Papa and Father so stressed. I sometimes worry I am causing them too much trouble, and they get irritated with me but won't show it. Like now, Father left the group and I worry if I said something wrong.

Poem 2:

Orcs are mean

Orcs cause trouble

Why can't they go and leave our rubble?

Drought is killing our wonderful crops

Why does nature hate us so?

I wish it would all go away

So my Papa and Father...

will be happy once more...

That was a very badly written poem. This drought and orcs have got everyone unhappy. If I ever saw an Orc I am sure it would regret ever seeing me! My full wrath would unleash on it.

Poem 3:

His white coat

Standing out amongst the green of the trees

I see his fangs

But they don't scare me

He calls to me, and I long to go

The sound of the nature

Along with my pack

That would be paradise

If only...I were a wolf.

My poetry writing is sloppy today, but that is alright. No one shall ever see it, except me of course. Nelen just left to rest, and Father has not yet returned. I do not know what to write now. I guess my thoughts have all dried up.

Father is back! I will end my writing now.

((OOC: Syllea is writing this as she is amongst her friends and family. I as the writer have not edited anything other than grammar errors, so the poems are not great, just random spurts of thoughts, which may not make sense to all.))