Silma Kantele

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Everyone that is not marked by Sauron
Everything that is marked by Sauron
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"So this became her motivation to travel around, exploring the lands and see why things has become the way they have become. Instead of writing her observations in books and journals, she created songs. Melodies and lyrics can reach far beyond borders and lands and is a way to connect, She thought this was a better way to communicate and another way to get information about what she is searching for. She created then a small union of friends that had the same purpose. This union was called Silma Kantele."


Silma Kantele is a small union of friends who have the skills to write, create songs and perform.The main purpose is to reach out to those they have lost and also reach out to others that recognize the stories in the music.

Silma Kantele means "White Harp" and widely inspired from the few stories Orelie read about her ancestors from Gondolin. 


Orelie Orelie Elf

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