Name Orelie
S.A: 2902
Outward Appearance

Orelie, with her dark hair and strikingly similar features to her mother Marillindië, possesses a captivating and distinctive presence. Her soulful eyes seem to hold stories of generations past, hinting at the deep connection she feels to her family's history. It is said that her name, Orelie, comes from her father's family-line.


Orelie's life began in the tranquil and beautiful Imladris, a sanctuary nestled in the heart of Middle-earth during the waning years of the Second Age. Her parents were deeply connected to Gil-Galad's army, and while they recruited new soldiers, Orelie chose to remain in Imladris. She formed an unbreakable bond with her remaining family members, including Captain Falchon, a wise and fearless Ellon who acted as a patriarch not only for Orelie's family but also for his fellow soldiers.

Despite the turmoil of war, Orelie's mother, Marillindië, held steadfast to her convictions and joined her husband, companion, and friend in the trials of battle. Driven by a deep sense of right and wrong, Marillindië fought for peace and justice, leaving a profound impression on her daughter. Although her mother sacrificed much, Orelie held deep love for her and understood her desire to make a change.

Orelie also knew that her mother wanted to fight in the name of her own father, who lost his life in battle. Marillindië's brother, Matharo, was missing as well, which convinced Orelie that he was a part of the reason her mother was out there searching. Orelie felt a deep longing to complete her mother's quest and seek out her ancestors and distant relatives for answers and to find missing family members.

Recently, her friend and her second cousin Morivannesse, reported that a stranger in Mithlond had appeared, filling her with wonder. The stranger's appearance, personality, and questioning nature led Morivannesse to believe that he was family. However, the stranger's lack of memory left her in deep doubt, and she called upon Orelie's vast knowledge of their family through diaries and notes from their ancestors.

Feeling an intense sense of obligation to her mother, Orelie embarked on a journey to the lands where the stranger was found, seeking out Côf Lingwimo in Forlindon and the heart of Havens; Mithlond. Orelie possessed an innate connection to the past, and even though she had not lived through the great events of Middle-earth's history, she could feel the weariness and loss in her heart. She knew what Orneth, Falchon, and those who had passed and left Middle-earth must have felt. She could feel the struggle her mother had, and she saw glimpses of images before her eyes that told stories of an upcoming war and darker times.

To chronicle her stories and notes, Orelie compiled her books and called them Silma Kantele. She kept them in her library, hoping they would be helpful to remaining and upcoming generations of her family. In her moments of respite from work, Orelie found herself drawn to the coasts to gaze out over the Great Sea. She imagined the grand events of the First Age and even saw, in her mind's eye, the hidden city of Gondolin in the distance, shaped like a white cloud rising above the water. Although she knew it was only her imagination, she believed that the deepest abyss of the water still held remnants and ruins of her lost history.

During her journey, Orelie delved deeper into the history of Middle-earth, learning about the great battles fought by the Elves and their allies against Morgoth, the Dark Lord. She also learned about the forging of the Rings of Power and the subsequent wars that hopefully one day would lead to Sauron's downfall. With this knowledge, Orelie felt a sense of responsibility to preserve the lore and history of her people. She knew that her Silma Kantele would be a valuable resource for future generations.

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Morivanesse, Falchwing
Orelie's family is widely dispersed across the lands of Imladris and Lindon
Dark servants of Sauron
Her family
Deceitfulness and corruption
Preserving and maintaining important artifacts, documents, and knowledge related to the history and culture of the Eldars in Middle Earth

Orelie's Adventures

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Orelie's Adventures

Orelie's Gallery

Orelie's Gallery