Lost Ones

Founding date
To help the homeless and less afluent people.
Main area of operations
Bree, Gondor, Rohan
Kinship type
Thoise who aide in helping the estate with its running.
Any who would hurt innocent or treat the underprivaledge poorly.
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


Back in its founding days, Lost Ones struggled for coins to help those they felt would most benefit from it. Mostly the homeless and those stuck in the ally unable to get out of their situation without assistance. But now through the hard work of others, they are able to provide help and support to those in need. Demlemoth sells information as a source of income. He also provides protection when needed. The actual home of the lost ones has been converted into an infirmary, to be used in helping to heal those ordered to bed rest for extended periods of time. A staff of trained men and women see to the needs of the injured and sick.


Syllea Syllea Man
Wodarel Wodarel "Darel" Man

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