Family Fight

Syllea was finally home with her family, even if it was only for the night. She was excited…until everything went south. Her Papa had kept a secret about Em from Father. It had caused anger amongst them, and Father had taken his wedding band off.

Everything had happened so fast. Suddenly, she was pulling herself up and crawling across the floor to stop her Papa from leaving. The pain shooting through her body was agonizing, but she had to push through it for the sake of not losing her family. “Papa please don’t go!” she cried.

“He took off his wedding ring…it seems I am not welcome here anymore.” Her papa replied.

Syllea tried to make him see that her father was just angry, but then even her father said, “I should go.”

That was too much for Syl, he couldn’t leave either! She tried to move from Papa’s lap, when she had gotten there, she didn’t know. As she moved the pain in her side set her whole body on fire. She thought she screamed…. but wasn’t sure. The edges of her vision started blackening. Suddenly she was filled with dread, if she passed out now when she woke her family might be gone. She wanted to get along one last message. In a whisper, she told her papa, “Please don’t leave.”

With that Syllea’s vision blackened and she was lost to the pain.

Lynn quietly slipped into the house to see how Syl was faring. Not wanting to wake the family she slipped quietly into Syllea’s bedroom and gasped. The girl lay there, unconscious. The only signs of life were her haggard breathing and the occasional twitching of her hands.

Lynn knew it had to have been caused by her moving, but why? Anger flared through her body. Why had her family not stopped the girl from moving! She rushed out coming back later with Rae at her side.

Rae did not allow anyone in the room while he checked the teen girl. He came back, and looked to all who were there, “She will be alright, but her body had too much strain. She may be like that for a few days. I recommend spooning water and soup down her throat to keep her hydrated and fed. I am worried about permanent damage now. Whatever movements she made strained her small body quite a lot, but only time will tell. She is in a lot of pain, hence the strained breathing. Just keep an eye on her and I will come to check up on her periodically.”

With that Rae left and Lynn immediately went to get some water into the girl’s body. She vowed to herself that she would not leave Syllea’s side again.

Syllea looked around, it was dark. Midnight black surrounded her. Where was she? A feeling of dread sat in the pit of her stomach but she did not know what caused it. Breathing was painful, but she knew not why. She began to wander through the night, until something shining white got her eye. She stumbled towards it, it too seemed to be moving towards her.

A few more paces and the shining white was in front of her. Her wolf. Her wolf was in front of her. The pain was instantly gone, but she still found it difficult to breathe. The majestic white wolf began to walk away, looking behind every so often to see if Syllea was following. The wolf led her to a field of flowers. A gorgeous field that was too beautiful to be real. The wolf laid down and Syl went to lay next to him. She ran her fingers through his fur without speaking. Every time she was in pain or…had the feeling of drowning, her wolf would curl up closer to her. Time seemed not to exist during the time with the wolf. She was perfectly happy to stay here, for no memories hindered her here. She barely remembered her name.


((OOC: The last section is Syl's thought while being unconsciouss. The "drowning" comes from when Lynn was giving her water and soup.))