A Conversation with a Wolf

Syllea smiled as her wolf slowly walked up to her. She sat in the tall grasses surrounding her tree. It was chilly and so she dressed warmly, pulling her robe tighter as he slowly trotted up to greet her.

Her hair blew into her face as a chilly gust rustled the trees. The teen girl chuckled and tried to hide a shiver, not wanting Sigurd to fuss over her.

"Hello, my friend." She spoke softly.

Before her eyes, he transformed into the handsome, tall man he was. His icy blue eyes stared at her questioningly. "Why are you here when it's so cold?"

Syl clearly ignored him as she turned to look at the sky. "It's a nice day out isn't it."

Sigurd shook his head, frustrated at her apparent inability to answer his questions. His eyes wandered over her appearance like always, searching for injuries. Today though he couldn't help but think she looked rather pretty wrapped up in furs.

He sat down across from her, and smiled, "How are your studies?"

She shrugged, "They are going well. Thank you."

His brows slightly turned downward. Something was the matter but he didn't know what.

As he tried to figure out why she seemed not quite right she suddenly grinned. "You shouldn't fuss over me. I'm perfectly alright."

He chuckled and shook his head. "I will always worry. It's my job."

Syl just snorted and took out a book. This had become their ritual, they exchanged pleasantries, and then she would lean against her tree with a book. He would carefully watch her or play with one of the animals she brought. Today she brought the cat though...he didn't like Avir. She always tried to bite him.

Sigurd chuckled and shifted away from the cat. Settling in for the time she would stay reading.