Call of the Rollo - Part 2

The company were standing between a goblin in a top hat and six local thugs in taffeta....and they had just been called freaks. At that point Addie insulted their coutour, and the encounter therefore took a more serious turn.

The leader, apparently named Dennis, stepped forward. "First of all, Lady, I don’t see how you got room to criticize our style considering you wear that badly sewn saddle blanket around all the time, while as these were simply costumes ta get Mister Scaly back there to come out of his wagon. Ya handled that part for us, so thank ya. Beyond all that, that little monster back there, he acts like he thinks he's a person wearing clothing and an expensive hat and brought his bunch of freaks to frighten our kids and decrease our moral superiority. GAG wants them out of here one way or another. If you are gonna protect him, then you are freaks too....but if you are decent people, help us protect the innocence of Gondor. I mean, have you seen what they call “Lover’s Lane”? The art work along the Lane alone is disgusting and probably physically impossible.'

Xanderian stayed silent for the moment, wishing they knew where in the show Rollo was so that things did not become ever more complex....but from experience she knew it was likely impossible to avoid more complexity.

Finchley waved her hands in front of herself. "Wait! There ain't any reason to fight. After all, I haven't seen a frightened child anywhere, and I wasn’t planning on going to Lover’s Lane until you mentioned that about the artwork...but who is GAG anyway?"

Addiela kept her cold stare on the men; she remained silent for now, but was definitely showing her impatience in her expression.

Dennis stood up a little straighter. "GAG is Gondorians Appreciating Gondorians....we are an active civic group that believes in promoting Gondorian pride, and supporting local commerce and initiative...we also believe in stomping anybody who ain’t like us like this Goblin, for their own good.'

Nethrida frowned and sighed a little "I've heard of this group..." she muttered to herself, before motioning at Addie. "What my strong tempered friend here is saying... Is we simply wish to collect her bear companion... And return home." She nodded with an attempt at diplomacy...

From the back of the group, Nimlindir the Elvish Minstral stared at the seven foot ruffian toward the back in  the lavender gown and whispered in a loud voice. 'Small Finchley, that one there is the one who was saying he had a huge arse...'

Carneryn scrunched her face up and leaned in close to Neth's ear to whisper quietly "You know... I'm more inclined to punch them then parlay with them... I mean... They'd show me no more courtesy thatn they do this Goblin." She most certainly couldn’t pass for a Gondorian after all.

Ellsabeth glanced down at her dress before looking back at the six thugs with a deep sigh. "I just paid for this dress." She dropped down to one knee, ripping the side of her dress then switched legs making an identical rip on the other side so that she was able to kick and move her legs if things got any worse.

The large one in the back whispered "Dennis...I think the knife ear in the back just body shamed me....that is very hurtful.'

Dennis whispered to the large man “It’s alright Burt, you look fine…Just look at that bunch of housewives, they are just jealous…” then waved his axe aggressively. "Whatever you lot want to do, you can run off and do it, we aren’t here for you. Just leave the green pimple behind you to us, and don’t ask no questions....ok?'

Xanderian sighed. "We do not wish needless battle, we have a friend in need we wish to rush to but what offense has this creature committed? He seems quite harmless to me.”

Finchley rested a hand on Nim and observed the goblin in the top hat. "... Not gonna lie, the hat is kinda cute," she remarked quietly.

Addiela's foot mindlessly tapped on the top step as she grew more and more impatient; though this was clearly none of her business, she had never minded her own business when someone was being threatened or was in trouble. She let out a annoyed huff, but her voice remained calm as she spoke to the men, controlling her temper lest something unfortunate and smoky occur. "Dennis is it? Where are your documents, sir? The ones that give you the authority to shut down this business operation?" She motioned to Neth, hoping that she would go with her bluff. "As you can see, a knight of the Vanguard has already surveyed this establishment and has found nothing wrong with it being in operation." She made a point of looking them over again. "However, I can see by your attempt at a disguise that you bear no such authority."

Nethrida looked gobsmacked for a moment, but she resisted the urge to facepalm. Instead, knowing she has little choice but to go along she straightened her posture and nodded, looking as stern as she could muster. "I am a member of Elendil's Vanguard." she stated and put on as commanding tone as she could muster in such short notice. "And I have found little that would warrant shutdown of this entertainment operation!"

Nimlindir sensed the threat and the tension. She drew Aryante with a flash. Her eyes seemed to flame with a cold fire and her entire demeanor changed. 'Which one of these shall I make a real woman with my blade!'

Carneryn glanced back at Nim "Eh... Uh oh... Is that normal?"

Ellsabeth sighed having decided things were indeed going to take a turn for the worse. She dropped down into one of her stances, seeing that a fight was likely going to happen.

Dennis looked at Nim suddenly drawing her blade and waved his axe again. "Wow…agress much? If you really want to get beat up, we will oblige ya, but I will have you know that GAG has tens of thousands of members all throughout Gondor. The common people, not those high falutin' folk in Minas Tirith. When you ask a local farmer who has their back, they say GAG.'

The big one looked at Dennis. "We got tens o’ thousands? Then why am I always the one who has ta bring the cookies to meetings."'

Dennis shook his head. “Shut up Burt'

Xanderian slipped Heartbreaker off her shoulder. "It seems that this is inevitable...try not to kill any of them....”

Finchley just sort of heaved a long and dramatic sigh before moving backwards a bit and drawing her daggers. "I just wanted to find Rollo and get a rat on a stick."

Addiela looked back to Thwock, "Go back inside for now and keep safe, we'll see that this is handled... but if you try to escape or run without fulfilling your promise, we will find you next."

Thwock nodded and retreated up the stairs of his wagon...but did not go inside.

Nethrida's posture slouched a little as combat seemed impossible to avoid. However the fact she had not brought any weapons troubled her some, until she got her hands on one of the pennant staves. Not ideal, but it would have to do.

Nimlindir leveled her sword at Dennis, 'You may have thousands Sir, errr Miss, but you will be dead before they arrive.' Eyes flashing she moved forward and sang, 'Sogathon i nîr hêr gîn!'.

Carneryn grumbled softly and checked herself for a weapon, but when Xan called to not kill them she just took a fighting stance.

Dennis shook his head." Remember you wenches wanted this....let’s go through them to Mr Stinky, boys. Suddenly he rushed towards Addie, axe held with the flat ready.

As she saw things get started, Ellsabeth moved to the closest of the thugs to strike him in the throat, hoping that a show of force might deter any further violence. However the thug Elsa had selected blocked her blow, after all these were professional thugs, and hauled back, hitting her in the head with his cudgel, whispering..."I knew you reminded me of an girl I used to know....'

Elsa gasped, her bells rung, seeing stars as she stumbled back

Xanderian watched Elsa stumble, and in her rage over seeing their new friend collapse after a week of tensions, she somehow forgot what she had said before about not killing anyway. With a shout of dismay, she nocked an arrow and fired at the thug who had hit Elsa.

The thug looked up, about to make another snide comment before hitting the stunned Elsa again, and Xan’s arrow went through his left eye socket and out the other side to thump into a tent support. A sudden silence fell, the thug looked confused...then he crumpled.

Finchley just... blinked. She was not used to seeing Xanderian that easily driven to violence. Then, she took that opportunity to check on Mister Thwock, moving in front of him and into a defensive stance, just in case they decided to try and get at him while everyone's occupied.

Addiela watched and waited as Dennis ascended the steps toward her. She calmly nodded her head and Morn flew off of her shoulder and toward Dennis' chin, swooping upward at the last moment in front of the man's face and toward the sky. This naturally caused the man's eyes and head to follow the bird upward, which Addie quickly used to her advantage. She drove the end of her staff forward toward Dennis' throat.

Dennis stumbled back, startled by the bird and nearly tripped down the stairs. Then he took the staff in the throat, gagging. It doesn;t put him down, but he was admiring the same stars that Elsa is, though he held onto his axe.

Nethrida took a deep breath and moved forward to support Addie. At best she had only passing knowledge with spears.... Regardless she lunged for Dennis. Bringing the shaft of the pennant around to strike at the back of his knees to take him down.

With a loud WHHHOOOOAAAAA noise Dennis went down hard, his legs swept out from under him. The fall knocked the wind out of him, axe sailing out of reach. Then a dull crack was heard as his head hit the stony path.

As the strange battle raged, Nimlindir closed in on the man with the large arse. She moved forward with grace, like a dancer, on her toes. Her sword flashed in the light of the sun towards the man's neck.

Burt, who happened to be large all over not just his arse, barely deflected the blow to the side, but the point neatly sliced his ear off as he howled in pain. He kept his feet but was backing up...unsure...this was not what he had signed on for.'

Carneryn lunged forward at the nearest thug and launches a punch right at his face. The man was stunned and horrified seeing the woman coming at him. They had just been planning to beat the little monster this??? He tried to bring his hands up for protection…and got bopped right in the snoot. A gush of blood flowed down his face and he sat heavily, badly stunned.

Elsa tried to get up for a moment but found that she was unable to move, laying still trying to recover from the blow to her head.

Seeing Dennis on the ground, Burt dropped his cudgel and ran....the other two, not noticing their big friend running full tilt for the gate stood their ground. This would prove to be a mistake.

Xanderian looked a bit chagrined that she had killed the first, but the die was she nocked and fired at the further thug. The arrow caught the man a glancing blow in the arm, drawing blood but doing little damage. He gasped in pain and surprise then looked around...and fainted.

Finchley moved away from Thwock for a moment to go help Elsa up carefully, but not before making a small 'stay put' gesture at the goblin. He seemed happy to oblige.

Addiela held out her arm and Morn landed gracefully on it. She then looked to the one thug that was left and gestured her chin in the direction the large one ran in. "Your friend shows wisdom, something this group of yours could use. Leave now and keep your life... and I suggest you do some reflecting on the pain that your intolerance has reaped."

Nethrida kept at the ready for a while longer before lowering her battle stance. "I suggest you listen to my friend over there. Depart at once and I'll.. conveniently forget to mention this to Captain Kraddock next time I see him"

The thug stared at Addie, it was clear he really lost track of what she was saying after “wisdom”. He looked to Nethrida. "Thank you...thank you..." then dropped to his knees and threw up.

Xanderian moved to Finch to assist Elsa gently as the girl held up two fingers in front of Elsa's face. "How many fingers am I holdin' up?"

Ellsabeth looked at Finch for a moment focusing on her fingers. "Eight."

Finch nodded, satisfied. “Close enough…”

As the last thug surrendered both the battle and his lunch, Addiela immediately turned around to Thwock as Morn moved up to her shoulder to keep an eye on the foes at Addie's back. "Now... Where's my bear?"

The goblin looked around in dismay. "Arrrgghhh…..There is nothing for it...we gotta get out of these morons will be comin around daily until Yule looking for revenge....' With a resigned shrug, he turned his attention to Addie. "He is in Bonita's cave, he never leaves it since he showed up. But knock first, they don’t like being disturbed.'

Addiela took in a deep breath to keep herself somewhat calm and asked, "Where is the cave?"

The goblin hopped down and sighed. "Cmon, I'll show ya....'