Name Xanderian
Soldier, Adventurer
Young Adult
Outward Appearance


Raven haired and very pale, slight of build and delicate even for an elf. She is the physically smallest of her siblings and recently celebrated her 224th birthday, making her still a very young Sindar elleth, practically a girl in the eyes of the Sages of Imladris despite her experiences. She tends to feel and behave far older than her years, however.

She once bore a vivid blue scar along the left side of her throat, which seemed as if it should have killed her, yet did not....or did it? Now the scar is gone. How or why noone seems to know.


Xanderian of Belfalas, Herald before the Wrath of the West and Yeoman unto the Company of the King, Heartbreaker's Guide, the Silent Wardress of Orthanc, Nightwind and Longtracker, the Monk of Osgiliath, Sword Esquire unto the Lady Arahen of the House of Orodreth.... Called by some Kinslayer's Spawn and Abomination. 

As a girl, the orphaned Xanderian preferred to spend her time in study preparing for a life as a scholar of Imladris. However due to events and birth, that future was not to be hers.

After a successful career defending the borders of Imladris, she had found herself content on campaign, or at moments of weariness (physical or emotional) by the hearth of the Prancing Pony. While growing up her time was spent exclusively around other Sindar elves of Rivendell, so in her youth she found other company at best to be annoying and at worse loathsome. As she seldom got along with other elves either, it meant she spent most of her early years alone. Since then she has grown, becoming more and more openly emotional with and about those she cares about. Some would even say overly so. She and her siblings come from a house of no special note save for disgrace and infamy, regaining what little dignity and standing they have through service to the House of Elrond and later the free peoples in the war against shadow.

She is inordinately fond of horses, keeping a veritable stable of personal mounts.

She carries a special enmity for the White Hand of Saruman, due not only to their habitual despoiling of nature, but also due to events which occurred during and soon after a period of captivity within Isengard, which she has spoken of only to her closest companions. She is also an implacable foe to the slavers and necromancers of Angmar and the Dourhand of Kheledul. 

Xanderian has shared much of her life with her closest friends and lovers, especially the deep bond (and rivalry) she has with her older sister Xandilif. She has commented on occasion, usually late at night by a fire, that she was forced from the peace of her near monastic existence by military service, and the tales of adventure spun by her bluff older sister. Since then she and Xandilif have often seemed like two sides of the same moon. Often arguing, sometimes at knife point, yet always watching over one another in ways that are hard to define. It is possible that one would not exist without the other.

Of the race of Men, she appears to identify most strongly with the Gray Company and the Rangers of the Dunedain, often wearing keepsakes of her time in their fellowship and speaking fondly of them, even though most of her business now centers on the Island of Tol Lochul in Belfalas, owned by her and her sister, Xandilif. The House of Three Graces on the island serves as part Haven, part Hiding Place, part Fortress to Xanderian and her friends.

Her cherished and often mysterious bow, an artifact of the First Age or earlier, is named Heartbreaker, a name first given it in jest within a humorous song composed by her brother Xanir. Pay no attention to the fact that it seems to hum now and then. Only worry when it screams.

She has pledged her service and allegiance to the Lady Arahen of the House of Orodreth but the status of that oath is unknown. Once a fixture in Bree, she is usually found now in Gondor in the company of a small army, including Eduwiges, Nethrida, Addiela, Calidis, Finchley, the Lady Ahmo, Cyndwin of Rohan, and others. She has yet to fully recover from the recent loss and return of Hawke and before that, her own death(?) within Kheledul, and the visions that came to her then.


Cyndwin, Filegedhiel, Arahen, Hawke, Nethrida, Addiela, Ahmo, Eduwiges , Finchley, Calidis; Carneryn, Ellsabeth
Sister: Xandilif, Brother: Xanir (Deceased)...Father: Anerial (Exiled), Mother: Morwen (Departed)

Mans of Kheledul, Donark - Paymaster of Carn Dum, Erach - Necromancer of the Guild of the Unsealed.

Calidis, Eduwiges, Nethrida, Hawke, Arahen, Cyndwin, Horses, her sister
The White Hand, The Dourhand, Mans of Kheledul, her sister

Xanderian's Adventures

Xanderian's Adventures

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