A Moment In Time

Early evening in Michel Delving, a moment in time and a new smile I will remember forever ♥️

Hobbit you see that life has made me sad
Goblins in the Shire can be bad
The spears they trow, the swords the sway
But hobbit I need to cry no bitter tears
You'll chase away my  goblin's fears
That turns my blue skies into grey

Hobbit when I am down I turn to you
And you make sense of what I do
I know I do not often say
But hobbit just when my world is mean and cold
You come shinning silver and gold
And all my worries are cast away

Remember, there should be laughter after pain
There will sunshine after rain
The circle have always been the same
So remember now
Remember now

Screenshot of Amorey  - painted and edited by me in Photoshop  

Poem adapted and inspired by the song 'Why Worry' by Dire Straits 

My Work - © retained by me