The Chronicles of the Rose

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Being the True History of The Shire Rose as originally recorded by Gerebaldo Took of Overhill

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The Chronicles of the Rose

Comprising the origins of Shire Rose

Yule's initiation as a Wise Woman

Her Travels and Adventures towards the Shire

Her life ( and love)  in Waymeet

The Mystery of the Shire Rose revealed

Her life in Brightdown

The eventual Unraveling of her Destiny

et cetera

I, Yule of Shire Rose, having been honored with the task to protect the bounds of my land and my kin,  do write this History of the Shire Rose, and its life and adventures as a testament and legacy for my family. If these pages oft' will tell of secrets and things that may been unknown to hobbits, 'tis not in any wise because me, the Author wishes to condone secrecy, but rather because Truth and only Truth demands that I write  with all possible candour , so that the inheritors of these chronicles shall learn about the Shire Rose and its great importance.  All possible care I shall take to give no deliberate offense to any one. If some of the chronicles in the ensuing History of Shire Rose  may cause a raise eyebrow, let the reader put it down to the me alone and the circumstances of my life, which cause'd me to make my living by been entrusted to protect my beloved land and a small pendant that I wear around my neck.  The world is so taken up of late with personal  histories and romances, yet there is much more then that, as the destiny of the Free People of Middle-earth unfolds at these times of great danger for us all. It all started with a song. As in times of Old now mostly forgotten, a clear and lovely voice did rise from the darkness.  For all the beautiful world we know today came about then, and the great forests and mountains were created in an harmony of music and songs. It is at this moment in time the precious item contained into the pendant known today  as the Shire Rose was born and entrusted to the Elves, the Children of Ilúvatar, known also as the Firstborn , and then passed down. In truth the Shire Rose was to remain a great secret, a precious item ,  soon its memory was lost in the mists of time and for many centuries it simply vanished , forgotten by all but the elf warrior that was entrusted with its safe keeping, until the day came it was seen again, and it is here that this story begins....

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