Just doing her duty.

Linhir...Home. Of course it wasnt the first time she was back. But since her return, and thus the townsfolk having learnt she yet lived her old hometown had suddenly grown less pleasant to visit, and now the letter had made her even more anxious to return to learn the truth of the situation.

Naturally she cared deeply for her family so the question of returning wasnt a hard one. Anendyl's letter had left little doubt as to where she needed to be. And as she stood there by Dottie's grave, looking down at the small burial mound left behind by the beloved dog she drew deep, slow breaths, even as the others discussed matters around her.

Seeing mother was always a delight too, even if Ynnabeth had a habit of doting over her and call her skinny... But her cooking and affection always lifted Neth's sprit up, even now as she and her friends sat on the table enjoying the first proper meal since departing Rivendell and there was no better place to do it than home sweet home.

After having had her full Neth excused herself and was ready to head for the kitchen door to have a walk around town with her thoughts. Thoughts she hadnt mentioned to anyone else, yet anyway. As she reached for the doorhandle the door flew open, very nearly striking her in the process as an elderly man, her father entered with a younger, slimmer man in tow.

Caught off guard Neth quickly flinched back, only to smile radiantly as she saw her father and quickly embraced him. Lindhard let out a bellowing laugther and greeted her daughter with open arms, no doubt making the younger man, councilman Roric feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Much to Neth's surprise her father had been elected as one of the town's councilmen in her absence. She offered her respects and greetings to the younger councilman, but found herself unable to leave just yet as matters pertaining to the recent murders came up.

Only to have the flames stoked even further when a rider, a knight of the elite company Elendil's Vanguard came riding by, recalling the two councilmen back to town, resulting in the whole group upping and leaving to investigate.

It wasnt untill the early hours of the following day when she finally had some time to herself. Pacing towards the drowsy town in the process of waking up. Pondering over things, how people still addressed her as Captain, though she had not carried such a rank in many years. And though she attempted to correct any that still addressed her such, few listened. And those who did seemed upset, confused over how the Captain could say something like that, in times like these.

This pattern repeats itself over the next few encounters, though most of the townfolk had refused to simply believe her and continued to view her as the hero they thought she was. A notion she vehemently disagreed with but no longer attempted to argue against. Much like amongst her friends, she had no argument against it other than she was simply following her orders, and doing what she thought was right.
She continues her walk, heading out of town to be with her own thoughts, thoughts that may not have been suitable to be alone with. Of course she viewed herself as no hero, and would never accept anyone calling her such. Nor was she a Captain anymore. That title she had given away years ago, on that fateful evening she rode out of the White City in grief. But... The townsfolk needed someone to look up to. Someone to try and keep their spirit up. And while Neth didnt wish to be this person, she had little choise in the matter...