Name Ryheric
Warrior, wanderer, bard.
Young adult entering the early prime of his life.
Under the stars
Outward Appearance

Ryheric the Wayfarer keeps himself clean shaven and groomed when he has the opportunity. Although his clothes are often drab or road worn.

His accent will change dramatically at times, based on who he is speaking to.

Ryheric is 6'2 with a hard worked physique, corded muscles and chiseled lines.

He is easy on the eyes, except for a prominent, long scar diagonally down his face, it begins over one eye and jaggedly descends around his nose and cutting down the edge of his lips, all the way to his jaw at the opposite side of his face (diagonal.)

Some of his body language and expressions reflect the location of this scar. For example, the non-marred side of his face is always presented slightly forward, the scarred side always slightly back. This gives the impression of him carrying a subtle head tilt most of the time. 

His smiles come readily but he never seems to use the scarred side of his lips to make the expression. This leads to a lopsided effect.

Likewise, when he raises one eyebrow, it is always the non-scarred one.

His hands are the hands of an artist, a laborer and a warrior. They show signs of being used to the reckless limit of use and tell tales of determination, toil and violence. He is usually missing several finger nails at any given time. His knuckles are almost always gashed or bruised. He has callouses on the pads of his fingers from countless hours upon lute strings. Calluses are also on the gripping points of his palms, both from fierce swordplay and just as often wielding a shovel, axe or other tool of toil.


His music as he travels: click here to listen

Ryheric is now referred to as "The Dark Bard" in Bree and surrounds.
He is known to come and go from Bree like a season. 

He is not famous, he is just familiar enough to locals and merchants that, like any regular tradesman, he is easily enough recognised by his hooded travel garb, his black colt and the lute over his shoulder when entering this town.

Ryheric's backstory is heavy, violent and nuanced. However, those meeting him could discern the following surface traits and habits:

He is a warrior. Strong, canny and intimidating when wielding a sword. Although he tends to downplay (or avoid) his history and skill - especially in the company of peaceful folk. This is the most major part of him, and it can be seen by those who know what to look for. He has a vicious looking twice-chipped long curved sword on him at almost all times.

He is a jack-of-all-trades on the road. He has some history with driving horses and oxen for caravans, upon which he has also served as a guard. On the road he has also picked up skill as a musician playing the lute.He likes to compose music to express what he sees and experiences in people, events and places around him (like a journal.) 

Over the last two years, Ryheric has become more accustomed to food availability. His previous traits of poor table manners have diminished.

He can now read and write. His hand-writing is formal to the point of being over the top. Quill is usually pressed too firm to the page and he would take a long time to write even short passages.

Ryheric The Stream

After two years leading his fateful company, Ryheric now has a fate he takes very seriously. This life-purpose affects every decision Ryheric makes.

It comes from a prophecy given him by the fae-like lady Silverstream:

Silverstream's Prophecy:

"Look at that beautiful lake over there." she said to him. He looked, quietly.

"Its waters are calm and unruffled. Some people wish to lead just such a life. It is safe, it's true. This is not a bad path. But sometimes, with such stagnation, the lake becomes overgrown, becomes muddy. Therefore, it is good that from time to time the clear rapids of the river flow into it. Not every lake dreams to be an ocean, you see. That's why you remind me of a stream. The stream doesn't stop anywhere for long. Shall I tell you a secret?

The stream rushes steadily forward, but where it flows, flowers bloom. Everything around it comes to life.

Carry your pure waters to where your heart directs you, Ryheric. Even if you don't find peace there yourself, everything around you flourishes. Maybe in this you will find solace?"

Many in passing. Few trusted.
Enemies of the Free Folk.
Music, good company, being outdoors, long roads, robust horses, a good fire, a good muse.
Insecurity, caustic people, self-absorbed individuals, idleness.
Escape. Becoming the Stream Silverstream believes he is. Leading his company well. Instilling hope in the jaded.
"The Stream doesn't stop anywhere for long, but where it flows, flowers bloom. Everything around it comes to life." - Silverstream

Ryheric's Adventures

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Ryheric's Adventures

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