Name Ryheric
Roving all-rounder, humanitarian mercenary(?!) Bard in denial.
Young adult of twenty two. Due to hard living, he looks a few years older.
Under the stars
Outward Appearance

This wayward traveler keeps himself clean shaven with a constant 5pm shadow, and groomed when he has the opportunity. Although his clothes are often drab and road worn.

His accent will change dramatically at times, based on who he is speaking to.

Ryheric is 6'2 with a hard worked physique, corded muscles and chiseled lines. He has light brown skin, darker than most Breelanders, and smooth grey eyes.
He is easy on the eyes, except for a prominent, long scar diagonally down his face, it begins over one eye and jaggedly descends around his nose and cutting down the edge of his lips, all the way to his jaw at the opposite side of his face (diagonal.)

Scrutiny may reveal that some of his body language and expressions reflect the location of this scar. For example, the non-marred side of his face is always presented slightly forward, the scarred side always slightly back. This gives the impression of him carrying a subtle head tilt most of the time. 

His smiles come readily but he never seems to use the scarred side of his lips to make the expression. This leads to a "lopsided" effect.

Likewise, when he raises one eyebrow, it is always the non-scarred one.

His hands are the hands of an artist, a worker, a warrior. They show signs of being used to the passionate or reckless limit of use and tell tales of determination, toil and violence. He is usually missing several figernails at any given time. His knuckles are almost always gashed and/or bruised. He has callouses on the pads of his fingers from countless hours at the lute strings. Callouses also on the gripping points of his palms, both from fierce swordplay and just as often wielding a shovel, axe or other tool of toil.


His music as he travels: click here to listen

Ry's background is understated but complex, and has yet to meet the ears of any. (WIP)

However, the following information has been learned about him by a number of characters so far, and would be easy to find out:

He is a jack-of-all-trades on the road. He has some history with driving horses and a good deal of experience (for his age) on the road in caravans. He has worked as a guard, and also in driving oxen and horses when required. On the road he has also picked up skill as a musician playing the lute. Ryheric is currently in denial about being a minstrel, to the point of being spooked when someone insists he is. Although he likes to compose music to express what he sees and experiences in people, events and places around him (like a journal.) 

He is a skilled warrior, very strong, canny and intimidating when wielding a sword. Although he tends to downplay his history or skill as a warrior - especially in Breeland given the mostly peaceful surrounds.

It could be easily speculated from constantly grazed and bruised knuckles that Ryheric is an avid brawler. Swordplay may be a skill, but he looks and seems the type to throw himself into a bar fight, more than any great battle. However, he has a good nature and while surrounded with gentle company, he behaves very gently himself. He seems eager to help others, and uncomfortable with placing himself in the spotlight. He has obvious hangups about his own physical appearance. He has no sense of self importance.

He loves to cook and eat squirrels. He hunts and skins them, then turns their pelts into supple, fur trimmed gloves he fancies a highborn lady might like to wear. He has sold none of these gloves yet, but intends to.

He works hard at his table manners, but has unfortunate quirks when it comes to the speed at which he eats. Ryheric is no stranger to starvation, and that has left its mark on some of his habits when eating. In company he is very careful to control himself so his companions do not miss out.

His kinship, their friends, and most decent folk!
Tervorn and Gregwald according to Ryheric. But who really believes that?
Music, company, being outdoors, long roads, robust horses, a good fire, a good muse.
Insecurity, idleness
Right now, banding keen individuals together to assist with local troubles. Composing a bucketlist. Delivering a brooch.
"Supply 'n demand, y'do what ye gotta"

Ryheric's Adventures

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Ryheric's Adventures

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Ryheric's Gallery