Kingstead Homesteaders

Founding date
June 23, 2020
To Settle a Village in the Kingstead
Main area of operations
Apuldram, Kingstead Meadows Homestead
Kinship type
The king's good blessing and the fertile fields we farm
A bad harvest, a sudden frost, or poor trade
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


A failed crop, a fresh inheritance, or simply having nowhere else to go—there are a hundred reasons and more why one might leave their home in Rohan to settle in the Kingstead. Apuldram, once a simple farmstead across the river from Edoras, has since been built into a thriving village. Folk have joined together in these trying times to build a community together—to share beds, roofs, and resources and create a way of life that is distinctly their own. If you are looking for a home in Rohan—look no further. Apuldram has a space for you.


Kingstead Homesteaders is a collective of RPers looking to create an RP village in Rohan. Wanting to make Rohan RP safe and accessible for lower-leveled characters, Kingstead Homesteaders created a community hub in the Apuldram Neighborhood of the Kingstead Meadows Homestead. Knowing that housing in Rohan is prohibitive to some due to cost, the Homesteaders have bought out the neighborhood and are opening up the spaces to share with newcomers to the region. With open events, publicly accessible spaces, and a lively community, Kingstead Homesteaders welcome new settlers, fresh travellers, and even those who’ve long made Rohan their home but are looking for something new. Send a message to Judyht for more info. We hope to see you there!

Banner Image by Mahesh Naidu.


Eanswyth Eanswyth Man
Judyht Judyht Man
Katnya Katnya "Kat" Man

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