Name Eanswyth
Seamstress, but also has experience in needlework.
Mid-Late Twenties, though she is not one to ever be specific.
The Village of Apuldram.
Outward Appearance

Portrait by Justine Florentio

Description to come!


Eanswyth, the eldest child and daughter of Elfreda and Cenhelm, can now be found in the village of Apuldram, where she hopes to establish a business for her work as a Seamstress. However, it is not the place she was born and raised, but more a recent and potential longstanding endeavour, but she originally hails from Eastern Rohan. More specifically, on the outskirts on Cliving in the Norcrofts, where she was raised on the family’s farm and estate, for which had belonged to them for generations. She resided there with her parents, her two younger brothers and two younger sisters, as well as her Grandfather on her Father’s side.

Her family was neither poor nor rich, and so, she found herself settled into living a comfortable life throughout her childhood and early teens. Her childhood was a happy one, as she was extremely close to all of her siblings, and above all, her Grandfather. He was the one that she looked up to the most, and whom she admired, and from a young age, she had always desired to follow her Grandfather’s footsteps by wielding a sword for her own profession. Neither her Mother or Father were keen on the matter, and so eventually, it was never spoke of again, but it is believed that the concept still crosses her mind. It was rare that she found herself in Cliving itself, though before the most horrific incident, there was plans for her to venture within so that her Father could start discussions with others regarding an eligible suitor for Eanswyth’s hand in marriage.

The incident was one that occurred during the obsidian dark of night, though it will forever be a memory that lingers within her mind, as it was the night that she was never to see her family again. Their family farm was ambushed, and as a result, it meant that all the members of the family scattered around the golden plains, in order to survive. Eanswyth, who was aged fourteen at this time, found herself alone and to fend for herself. Still, to this day, she is unsure, but hopeful, that members of her family escaped like she did, but she is desperate to see them once more.

It was not long that she was taken under the wing of an elderly woman, that went by the name Milla, who was a travelling merchant. Milla was too a Seamstress, so it was from her that Eanswyth learnt the trade that she currently practices, but Eanswyth also saw Milla to be the maternal figurehead in her life that had been stripped from her. The two travelled, laughed, cried, and loved one another just as a daughter and mother would. Unfortunately, though, Milla unexpectedly passed away whilst she was asleep, and so Eanswyth remains grief-stricken for such a horrendous lose.

Despite the several losses in Eanswyth’s short life, as she is only now reaching the later part of her twenties, she remains incredibly optimistic about what she is to find in her newly found home and estate, as well as the business that she has begun to run.


She knows many, given her line of work and the travelling that came with that. However, she has never been one to stay in one place for long enough to establish many secure friendships, and so there are none important enough to name.
Mother: Elfreda; Father: Cenhelm; Grandfather: Kenelm; Brothers: Cuthberht and Cyneric; and Sisters: Ealdgyd and Eadburg.
Other than those who ambushed, and consequently separated her from her Family, she has no others.
The family in which she lost. She is fond of socialising with others, and subsequently, sharing stories and drinking mead. Her work is extremely important to her, as is Milla, the motherly figure that taught her such a profession.

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Eanswyth's Adventures

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