Third Age Diary: The Quarrel

Even if things go well at first, there are always dips and rocks on the path. My words were sharp and covered in thorns, but as were his.

I honestly can not recall the last moment I was so furious! 

My anger raged and burned as Amathlan and I spoke. It has been ages since such fury rose. Though I am still trying to quell my anger inside, I also feel ashamed.

I suppose it was my fault in the first place, writing to Cardanith behind his back as I did. I should have spoken with Amathlan first. But what can one do, if they are worried? 

This whole event started right outside of Tham Send, with the simple sentence "You wrote to him?" It honestly should not have spiraled from there. But my agitation was already rising. My calm demeanor easily turned to fire and fury. Horrible words were spoken between us. I called him a reckless fool, who cared not about me or others. He spoke of me as a 'mother-hen' and that he did not need me being overbearing.

I am so ashamed of my actions. We were screaming at each other in the halls of Hir Elrond's home where any passerby could have, and probably did hear our spat. How embarrassing... 

And on top of that, a mortal named Kurtbor, supposedly a new recruit of our company had the misfortune of coming upon us in our dispute. The poor man...if only he had known what he was walking into. I owe my most sincere apologies to him. I was not as welcoming as I have been taught to be, and he only tried to help us...

The argument was continued with his presence, and both of us were trying to get Kurtbor to take sides. 

We continued our little spat. I must have called Amathlan a child who needed watching.... I do wonder where my poor actions truly stemmed from. Anger at Amathlan, for his reckless acts? Or perhaps anger at myself for not being able to protect him...Either way, both of us said many things that were entirely untrue and unnecessary.

The fight became so horrible that Hiril Seregrian had to come dispel the argument. Someone must have told her what was happening....once again I am filled with shame. I fear that she thinks lowly of me now.

Hiril Seregrian was able to quell our fury at each other, at least a little. Though there was hesitation on both of our parts, for what came next. Right outside of Tham Send, with several eavesdropping onlookers, she performed the Gwannoss. I had no idea what she was thinking, but once she is determined, there is no stopping her.

She had sharp words for the both of us, reprimanding us like children. Though with the way we were acting, it was no wonder she did so.

I am ever thankful for Hiril Seregrian and her common sense, something that I seemed to have been lacking for the past couple of weeks. If she had not come to intervene, I fear one or the both of us fools would have pulled out our blades to settle the matter. Kurtbor suggested some 'wrassling' to fix things, what ever that means...

They left us to our own, and after many hours of apologies and more understanding from each other, I believe Amathlan and I are back where we should be. Though only time will tell....