A Hobbit's Journal - Sweet Dreams Hobbit

Outside the windows the day was bright: golden sunshine, blue sky, pleasant breeze....and yet from the very start I knew it was not going to be a good day, and I was right. I wanted to do something kind and thoughtful, I wanted to remember, and I will, no matter what. 

So here is a sad story, an old Hobbit I knew had been unwell for sometime. He was so unwell he was no longer able to look after himself. It was sad to see him decline and shrink into his illness, and yet to the very end he had a twinkle of stars in his eyes.

In his youth he had been a very adventurous Hobbit, he had climbed mountains covered in snow, followed secret paths in ancient forests, and got lost in caverns deep. He was an Elven Friend, and a Companion of Dwarves. Some say he even saw a DRAGON once.

This Hobbit was a friend to me, he was more than a friend, he was almost family as he, like me, was a Took. In his old age he retired in the peace of the mountains, and I would visit him often and call him 'uncle' and listen to his tales until he would doze off in his chair.

And here is the saddest part, two days ago, my old Hobbit friend passed away. Old Hobbit do die, of course, and yet the news of his passing was a huge shock for the Shire folk, and also for the Elves, and the Dwarves, and Men, all of whom kept this old Hobbit in great regard.

On Friday night, many of us remembered him fondly when we met at the Green Dragon Inn, where he was once a regular. Sadness descended on Middle-earth, people felt the need to get together and mourn his passing, as grief is easy to bear when you are not alone.

So yes, I wanted to remember him, I wanted to honor him, but I shall do this in the privacy of my own journal because he was not a great warrior, or a rider of Rohan, he was not a fair Elf, nor a brave Dwarven Prince, he was just a humble Hobbit, you know a simple folk a tiny halfling, just like me.

So here is to you, old uncle Holmo, I raise a mug of ale and remember you in songs and tales. Thank you for all the stories of adventures, thank you for filling my heart with dreams of great deeds, dragons, and magic rings. I will miss you.

Now you know why it was not a great day, although the ending was much brighter than the beginning. I went to The Hill tonight for the annual Summer picnic and I had a lovely time with all the hobbites and even a few Elves. 

The stars were shining bright, when I saw a new star, glowing and twinkling into the West, and then I remembered that tale my father used to tell, the one where every time a Hobbit die they become a new star. Farewell uncle Holmo, may you rest forever in hobbity peace.

Your ever-loving 


This post is dedicated to the memory of  Sir Ian Holm

Rest in hobbity peace Bilbo