Riches in the East Wall

The following is a brief summary of some of the events that transpired between the kinships of Durin's Folk and Men of the Mark in recent times, as seen and chronicled from the perspective of Rohan and its people.


Chapter 1 - The arrival of dwarves. (the event occured on 21st april 2020)


A strange company had been seen travelling across the green plains of Rohan. Dwarves they were, carrying pickaxes, shovels and climbing equipment upon their short but sturdy backs. Unhindered but closely watched by scouts of the Mark, the dwarves made their way towards the town of Snowbourn, step by step.  Here the local Reeve already housed two guests - Waelden of Floodwend, and Duncadda of Fenmark. Two hardened men of Rohan they were, well known amongst the townsfolk; Waelden as a travelling trader and armed escort, and Duncadda as a scout and woodsman. The words of travelling dwarves had reached Snowbourn long before the dwarves themselves had set foot upon the Eastfold, but the Reeve paid their presence little mind. His eyes were fixed upon the roaming orcs and larger threats; he could not care less about greedy dwarves in these dire times, and no men could he spare to deal with them. Waelden then spoke to the Reeve and offered his services, to find out what the dwarves wanted. Many years spent upon the roads escorting carts full of wares had gifted him with a nose for business and trade, and here he smelled opportunity. Or if it was the stench of filthy dwarves and their goats that tickled his nose, no-one will ever know. It is well known however, that dwarves make excellent steel and weapons, in many ways far superior than any craftsman of Rohan could muster.


The dwarves marched towards Snowbourn and soon reached the gates, where they were allowed entry and wasted no time - swiftly towards the grand mead hall they went, to speak to the local authority. Waelden and Duncadda greeted the dwarves as representatives of Eastemnet, and the dwarves' goal became clear to all. They carried maps of ancient make with them, and their information claimed that great riches may lie waiting deep inside the East Wall, the mountain range where few rohirrim ever go. Not much is to be found in those hills, it was said, save for the occasional mining of iron. The dwarves disagreed, and their sense of riches was rarely wrong. The area was well within the borders of Rohan however, and as such off-limits to outsiders. Still sensing opportunity here, Waelden and Duncadda spoke between themselves and a swift agreement was then made, to allow the dwarves prospecting in the mountain, in search for these fabled riches on a few conditions. The riders of Rohan would follow them and watch over the operation, and eventually a sizable amount of the ore mined and smelted would go to the Mark. The final settlement and details would be set later, once the area had been properly researched and prospected. If no or little sign of the fabled riches were to be found, the dwarves would be sent away from Rohan... or if the tales were true, there would be plenty of ore and minerals to go around for all involved, and all would prosper from it.


The company set out that same afternoon, and a stranger company hadn't been seen in Rohan for many a year. There were the dwarves, short of stature; yet with beards reaching their feet if not braided, and carrying mining tools and climbing equipment upon their backs. And there were two men, more used to riding over the flat grasslands than ascending mountains. Across the Sutcrofts they went, until they met the near vertical walls of stone. Up, up, up the dwarves climbed; fleet of foot like mountain goats, and they secured ropes and aids for the inexperienced rohirrim that followed in their wake with some difficulty. Duncadda, young, strong and agile and used to wander the woods and hills, faced far less trouble than the ageing Waelden, but what the man lacked in stamina when climbing, he made up for with the stubborness of a mountain goat as they climbed the East Wall, until night fell upon them all. A proper campsite was found, and the company sat down around a fire and watched out over the Sutcrofts. A fantastic view they had from there as the stars filled the black sky, and they each told tales from their respective lands, and shared ale and food. It was the beginning of a great and prosperous adventure together, and possibly a growing friendship in the making. Or so they hoped.