A Letter to A Banshee

(The letter is written on the fanciest, whitest paper she could get in Evendim - which isn't especially fancy but Finchley figures that, if it's going all the way to a fancy sounding place like Dol Amroth, she ought to make an effort lest her lengthy letter get thrown into a rubbish heap.)

To Xandilif, Champion of Dol Amroth, Warden of the Planes of Golgorth, Last Sentry of Caerfella Redoubt, Silverwand's Sl and knight extraordinaire to Princess Lothiriel of the Azure Sea:

How do you like that? I think I've managed to remember all the titles you gave Miss Addie all those months ago! And I hope they're enough to ensure that this letter makes its way into your hands should anyone else take a peek at it. I have absolutely no idea where you are but I am sending this onto Dol Amroth - figuring that if it's in one of your many titles then there's a chance you'll be there - in the hopes that you receive it eventually, whenever that will be, since it's a long way for a letter to travel. If not ... oops!

My time at Lake Evendim is coming to a close and, being that you were so especially concerned about me going off to Evendim in the first place, I only thought it right to give you a small accounting and perhaps a relief for your concern. I swear, I can picture you rolling your eyes right about now. But, since your sister told me that you were concerned for good reason, I will press on and await the day you can roll your eyes at me in person.

Firstly, I want to tell you that I am perfectly hale and whole. I have all my limbs still attached and, though I've acquired a good many bruises and little cuts and scrapes here and there, I am none the worse for wear. I am not thoroughly traumatized, as you had feared I would be. So, no 'I told you so' for you! Yes, you may roll your eyes again.

I did learn quite a bit, to be honest. One: that I particularly dislike those lizard looking things here that are called Salamanders! Who in their right mind thought it was alright to create a world with those in it?! They're like mini dragons but with none of the grandeur and pocketfuls of vileness. Two: that while I can predict and accommodate ordinary dangers like wolves, bears, storms, and the occasional highwayman, I cannot do the same for everything. There are many things here that took me by complete surprise. I count myself lucky to have kept my wits about me and used my head. One lives and learns, I suppose. Yes, you may roll your eyes a third time if you wish.

But, the most important thing that I have learned here is that, perhaps, even if I should walk into the jaws of danger and my luck does not hold fast, I could never regret it if I were doing so for someone I loved and cared for. In fact, I think I would consider it the very least I can do, for the decision to do so seems to require little consideration and debate from me. That lesson both frightens me and makes me very happy indeed. But, I know that should such a day ever come - and I hope it will not! - I want to have no hesitations whatsoever about doing whatever I can.

Alls well that ends well. You can rest assured that I am perfectly fine and very much happy. Evendim has not defeated me, though it has humbled me a bit. It is astonishingly beautiful here. Even though the land is filled with perils that the Wardens have to face on a daily basis, there is still so much here that is fair. And, I have been treated kindly by many different people along the way. Perhaps one day, I might come back again. Yes, you may call me a right madcap for saying so all you like!

Before I conclude this letter, I also wanted to tell you what I meant to before you left Breeland - only you had gone before I could do so. I wanted to apologize for the tone I took with you that night when we were tending to Miss Addie and Miss Neth in the Soothery of Knotwood. I'm not sorry for the words I said because I meant every last one. I'm just sorry for the stern way I remember saying them. I only half understood you at the time and didn't fully see the whole picture behind why you took an angry tone with me in the first place. But, after speaking with your sister, perhaps I understand you more. In the future, I should like to understand you even better. I very much believe in the goodness I saw in you and would like equally as much for us to be friends.

Also, I must ask a favor of you. I know not where Hawk and his companions are. I have been running about the lake being too busy to write more letters and I'm sure that everyone else has been much the same. But, I know you look after your sister, Xanderian, well and that, wherever she is, Hawk will most likely be too. If you should see them, please let them know that I am alright. Also, tell Hawk that, as always, he has my love, my well wishes, and my utmost confidence in ... well, everything. Tell him that I think of him often and that, after I leave Lake Evendim, I will be staying only a little while in Bree. After that, I am for Rivendell as soon as I have everything in order. And, as soon as I know where to find him, I am coming.

Yes, asking this as a favor means you get to have a favor from me in return! Consider it asked with a resounding, PLEASE.

When we meet again, I will no doubt have so many questions for you! Don't worry, you won't have to answer all of them. I know, I am most merciful. Ha!

Until then, I remain a friend to you if you'll have me for one,


P.S. Before I forget: When you were at the Lake before, did you ever see a blue lady?
P.P.S. Consider that a pre-question!