Evendim, Part the Fifth

Finchley stood upon the edge of the water and looked out across the lake with a hand raised over her brow to shade her eyes from the sun. She had arrived in Tinnudir with no further mishap. Sardan's letter explained her presence well enough, though it was clear that her presence here was wholly unexpected and not completely welcomed. But, Sardan had told her to expect as much. Thus, she wouldn't let it put a damper on things.

Destiny, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying her rest in the nearby stable. Already she was charming her way into the stable-keeper's good graces and had been rewarded for her efforts with an apple or two; a fact that made Finchley chuckle and roll her eyes.

She noticed that the wardens here looked just as careworn as their brothers in the North Downs; perhaps, even more so. Nevertheless, she had gone about her endeavor to find Mister Dewitt and Ryn's father, Dom, with as much enthusiasm as possible, not wanting to overly bother anyone or add to their burdens. She had finally managed to speak to their leader, Calenglad for the brief moment he could spare for her in the midst of his own war council. The two pieces of information he had given her proved most helpful, though now here mind was filled with fresh worry. 

The last anyone here had heard from Mister Dewitt was in autumn when he took a boat across the lake to see Emyn Uial and he hadn't returned. Notably, the wardens were a little put out about the loss of a boat. As for Ryn's father, she was tipped off that he was likely hiding out in some room in the Tinnudir Keep. 

"Hmmm..." Finchley sighed to herself and pulled her hood back, exposing her short raven locks to the sun's rays and allowing the cool spring breeze to refresh her. 

Well, there was only one thing for it. Mister Dewitt was her chiefest concern but she could not let things lie with Mister Dom so long as Ryn was waiting and worrying for him back in Breeland. She just hoped that, if Mister Dewitt had gotten himself in a bit of trouble, that he could hold out for a little longer.

The boyish looking woman nodded to no one in particular, strengthening her own resolve, and turned to walk towards the keep...

(to be continued)