Blackbird Soothery

Founding date
To treat the ill and injured
Main area of operations
2 Longstreet, Knotwood. Bree-land Homesteads
Kinship type
Anyone that isn't a threat to the doctor or his practice
None known
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Blackbird Soothery is located in the small village of Knotwood, outside of Bree-town. The infirmary is owned and ran by a young Gondorian physician, Elias W. Dimheim.

Over the past year, Elias Dimheim has offered up his services to the good people of Bree, aiding them with illnesses and injuries. The doctor is also sometimes helping by providing medicine and delicate surgeries where they are required. When days are slow, he's not above taking on the work of trimming and cutting hair when a request for such is made. His door remains open to anyone that would seek his assistance.

The man fancies himself an alchemist as well and has more often than not been caught up in his work, as he tries to pry open the secrets of the world through experiments. Some successful, others less so.

Artwork by Julien Champagne
Banner created by Aeruthuil



Catalinna Catalinna “Cat” Man
Elias Elias W. Dimheim Man

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