Elias W. Dimheim

Name Elias
Doctor and Apothecary / Barber-surgeon / Alchemist
Adult, between 25-30
2 Long Street, Knotwood
Outward Appearance

An elegant specter of a man. Great yet ephemeral, much like a tall sapling, the pallor of his skin contrasts with dark clothing and hair black as ink. His face, like a pale mask, bears the idyllic suggestion of nobility, but it is also marred with the marks of chronic fatigue and an old injury. Dark bags underline the emerald eyes of an apothecary, striking yet deliberate, methodical but piercing. His bearing mimics the story on his face, moving limbs one could almost call gaunt with the upright grace of a careful man. He is well groomed and handsome, in an anemic way, It can be hard to know what the man is thinking and often he can be found staring into space, lost in his own mind.




Artist: Cher-Ro


Banner image: "The Apothecary, by Priscilla Burgers"



"He is so miserable as himself, that he indulges into the life of others to try and make things 'happier'. But it's almost foreign to him. He knows he is not very socially capable. He still tries. It's a song and dance, but he doesn't know how the dance is supposed to go, and he cannot hear the music. And somehow, he is slowly figuring it out. "
- Ruevir's Journal

Aeruthuil he regards as his closest friend. Catalinna is a friendly face around the infirmary.
An Aunt and her family living in Gondor
He both loves and loaths his work. Enjoys new discoveries and deciphering new knowledge. He carries a strong care for Tirron. There is one person that will always have a place in his heart.
When he can't make sense of something or find a logical explanation.
Improving his work in the field of medicine and leaving more knowledge and research for future generations to follow.
"Keep safe"

Elias's Adventures

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Elias's Adventures

Elias's Gallery

Elias's Gallery