The Mind of a Minstrel 2020-02-10 Infection and Fever

"Why are there so many...songs about rainbows...and what's on the other side? Rainbows are visions...They're only...illusions...."

What is this? Hot air? Smells like dog breath. Oh, puppy. I am too sick to give you love right now. What am I saying? I am never too sick to give a pup love. Wee darling. So cold....So hot....If I unbutton these buttons on my dress I will feel better. Oh! Much cooler.

Is that my love? Why is he waking me? Is he ok? Why is he unraveling my bandage? Oh. Infected. I thought I took care of that? Stubborn infection. No wonder I feel so terrible. Hot, freezing. Look at him fussing over my foot. He is so warm. Let me sleep love. Fine. Fuss over my foot. He is probably right any way. I should let him take care of it. After a nap with Hundr. Nope, no nap. Stay awake Leo!!! Seriously, you need to focus harder than ever before. Stay awake!!!

He is back! Now I can sleep. Yes, love, sit on the bed. Let me lean against you so I can sleep better. Always sleep better in his arms. Hold onto the headboard? Why? What is he doing with that brush? Oh right. Infection. Wait....OW! Stop that!! That hurts!! No, Leo, he needs to do it. Brace yourself and breathe. No pain, remember. No pain. 

Forget you! This hurts!!! 

He stopped. Thank Elbereth! Water? Oh, cold water. I can drink that. So tired. I need sleep. Drink the potion. Done. Now come sleep with me, love. Why is he being so stern? It is just an infection. I can deal with it. He...he cares about me. I am important to him!!!! He can be as stern as he likes! Fuss all you want, my love!!! I am important to him!!!! Best fever ever. 

He is rubbing my sore foot. Feels so nice. I love his hands. They always feel so good on my skin. Meat? Why is he asking me about meat? Oh, right. The foot. Eggs? Eggs are fine. So tired. Come to bed already and quit fussing. Well, keep fussing just in bed. Hmm? Going to be a while before he can ask about me joining the clan? Long as I have him I don't mind. It can wait. For now.

Why did you ask if he loved you? Now he is all quiet and withdrawn. Oh no!! What if he doesn't?!! No LEO!! Why did you have to ask?! He has been hurt and is afraid of going too fast. Oh. Am I going too fast? NO! I want him and only him. I want to be with him and not waste time we could be together by NOT being together. Maybe I pushed him too far too fast? I should tone it down before I drive him away. He is sleeping on the floor?! NO no no no no no!!! Come back! Please love! He came back!!! And he loves me!!! Thank you Hundr!! My favourite of all the pups!!! Yes!!! Cuddles with my love...and Hundr. I can sleep now.

"Someday we'll find it...The rainbow connection...The lovers...the dreamers...and me."