Name Leohna
Bard, Healer, Tailor, Cook, Farmer, Acrobat, Fire-eater, contortionist
Early to mid 20s
Outward Appearance

Age: 26 
Birthday: 14/02
Hair: Blonde. The length is unknown to all save her family/loves.
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 4 ft 11 inches - The size of a Dwarf
Build: Petite, wiry

Leohna is a short woman who is often mistaken for having Hobbit or Dwarf ancestry based on how small she is. She is petite, agile, bendy, and light on her feet. A confident young woman who always has a smile and a song for everyone she meets. Outgoing, bubbly, warm, kind, and gentle. 


Her hair is always worn up, tied up on her head with ribbons. No one, save her family/loves, has seen how her hair looks down. Not even her blood family. Her skin is sun-kissed, but not tan. Soft and smooth with only a couple of scars. One behind her head and one on the back of her thigh from an accident in her youth involving a hoop of fire and her brother's bad aim.


Image Rapunzel by Gabrielle Brickey


Born in Bree-land to a couple of traveling performers, Leohna and her seven brothers have spent their lives traveling around Middle Earth performing for villages, cities, Stewards, and Kings. Elves, Men and Dwarves. She is an acrobat, fire-eater, and contortionist. The smallest member of her family and the only one able to fly through the air when thrown. Her main act was being thrown through a hoop of fire. 

She grew up with her mother until she was 10 and started traveling with her father and the troupe. When she met the elves on her travels she was introduced to Heren Elbere'th, The Order of Elbereth. An Order of Acolytes in service to creating and protecting all things of Beauty. Works of art, ruins, lands, people, etc. They believe in the four basic principles of Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and, above all else, Love. They do so in order to honor Vala Elbereth. Leohna took to these principles and became an Acolyte when she was in her teens. 

Now she is back in Bree, estranged from her family for her refusal to get married, and is living among the Woodmen of Eriador, acting as their healer, seamstress, and sometimes cook. She has fallen in love with their chieftain, Hound-Friend, and is trying to do her best to get the clan to accept her, so she can join and be with her love. 

The Names of Leo's Brothers:

*From oldest to youngest

  • Seamus - has wife, 7 children, will take over the troupe
  • Tomkin - has wife, 3 children
  • Wil - has wife, 2 children
  • Alder - has wife, 2 children, ASD
  • Kenley - has wife, 1 child
  • Tripp - has wife, 1 child, 1 on the way
  • Robin - tortured in Angmar, suffers from severe PTSD/Shell Shock, unmarried, no children, Leo's identical twin

Leohna's Best Quotes:

"By Elbereth's Ethereal Echoing Essence of Eternal Elegance!!! They have puppies!!!!"

"One whistle for help me. Two for help me with arrows."

"Someone fetch me a glass. I got me a tall drink of water. Hello, my love. Ye want to learn what now?"

"Course, I have a habit of eagerly approaching red heads and faired haired folks, like ye and Hound-Friend. About dropped my lute when I saw Tree-Walker and Hound-Friend standing together. Then I came here. Thought I died and was being rewarded for good behavior."


Songs Leohna has Sung:

"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" - Oklahoma!
"Smile" - Charlie Chaplin
"Open Arms" - Journey
"If I Fell" - The Beatles
"Carry On My Wayward Son" - Kansas
"Bless Your Beautiful Hide" - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
"Lazy" - Marilyn Monroe
"Somewhere Only We Know" - Keane
"Rainbow Connection" - The Muppets
"I Have Dreamed" - Rogers and Hammerstein
"Something Good" - Richard Rogers
"A Noble Young Squire that Lived in the West" - Old English Folk Song
"Come What May" - Moulin Rouge
"Maybe This Time" - Fred Ebb and John Kander
"Singing in the Rain" - Singing in the Rain
"Simple Man" - Lynyrd Skynyrd
"The Gentleman Soldier" - John Tams
"The Prayer" - Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli
"Come Rain, Come Shine" - Billie Holiday


She has her Mom (Milly), Dad (Stroud), and seven brothers including her twin brother Robin
Hound-Friend (Husband), Scarlett Jay, all things beautiful, music
Spears, Orcs
Protecting her loves/family, upholding her oath as an Acolyte of Heren Elbereth {The Order of Elbereth)
'Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and, above all things, Love."

Leohna's Adventures

Leohna's Adventures

Leohna's Gallery

Leohna's Gallery