The Mind of a Minstrel 2020-02-09 Woodmen Moot

"I walked empty land....I knew the pathway like the back of me haaand. I felt the earth...beneath my feet....sat by the river and it made me compleeete. Oh, simple thing...where have ye gone? I'm gettin' old and I need somethin' to reply on....So tell me when....yer gonna let me in...I'm gettin' tired and I need somewhere to begiiiin...."

Covered in flour. Forman felt me up again. Man, I hate this job!!! I wish I could quit it. No more coming home covered in flour. No more early morning walks to Bree, having to stop halfway and restitch my poor foot. I hate it. Think of how happy everyone is with the pastries and bread I make. Keep your mind on that. 

Oh, Marney and Wood-Sculptor are sitting in the main hall with Alaric. I'm so tired and in so much pain. Marney is sweet. Asking how I am. Offering me a seat. I'm going to take you up on that my dear, after I get a stiff drink to kill some of this pain. Wood-Sculptor is getting me a drink. What a lass! And I get to love Alaric!!! I love this Lodge. I love these people. THIS. This feels like home. So much love. 

Alaric loves the treat I made him. I have been working on cookies for the pups that can be used to give them medicine. I am getting them used to eating them before I have to use them for medicine. Alaric love it. Must be the pork fat I added to them.  Marney is complimenting the hounds and their training. I told her Hound-Friend trains the pups. Why do I feel so proud when I said that? I felt really proud of him and his work. Wow. I am really hooked on him. That surprised me. I knew I loved him, but I didn't realize that much. 

Wood-Sculptor is letting me watch Alaric while she runs an errand!!!!!! I get to spend the day with Alaric!!!!!! This is the best day!! I don't care my foot is killing me and filling my boot with blood. Alaric gets to stay!!! Oh, you are getting so spoiled!!!!!!!!! Sweet wee love!!! I need a hound of my own. Well, a pup of my own. I have a Hound. Teehee.

I should start making dinner for the Moot. No one has started anything and it is in a few hours. I know what I will do. Pork roasted on a spit with some fresh bread and a nice sauce. A nice dumpling soup for us plant-eaters. Jess is here! She brought cheese/ Home-Wright is going to love that. Maybe I should make some cheese tarts for her? Yes. She will love it. Serve them with some of those strawberries and cream I bought the other day. Best to make food with whatever I bought and not their stores. I don't want to throw their count off. 

It is fun talking to the lasses. Jess and Marney are great. I love having Alaric following me around. I need a pup of my own. I wonder if Hound-Friend will let me have one? I know he has his pups, lots of them. He may not want me to bring more in. Specially since he is so passionate about his hounds. I would hate to bring a pup in that would mess up their bloodline. That is sort of how I feel being in the Lodge. Like I am an outsider about to mess up their bloodline. I feel loved here, but I still feel like an outsider looking in. I miss Hound-Friend. I know it is silly, but I hurt and I want my love to hug me and make me feel better. Oh, my foot is bad. After dinner I will look after it. Got to give everyone a nice meal first. They deserve it. 

HOUND-FRIEND!!!! He is here!! Like he heard my thoughts and wishes and appeared, like magic!!! He is so wonderful!! He is teasing me about being on my foot, as he is right to after all the grief I have given him. He called me pretty as a song!!!! Oh I love him so much!!! He is helping me cook. Such a sweet man. By Elbereth!! Did I almost tell him I love him?!! Sure, this is the time to tell him while you are in pain and cooking dinner and have flour in your hair. I wanted to tell him in a quiet moment with lights all around, feeling so full of love for each other, maybe under the stars. Where do I pick? You know what? Who needs that perfect moment? Just tell him. Just tell him how you feel. Don't hide love, Leo. 

I told him!!!! He didn't say it back or really acknowledged I said anything. Oh no! Does this mean he doesn't love me back?? Am I just a lass to warm his bed? He did give me his Woodmen salute that he does. Maybe that was his way of acknowledging it? Maybe? Now he is running off to get me a chair. At least I know he cares for me. He is insisting I sit on the chair and he does the heavy lifting. Look at him in the kitchen. Making dinner with me. This feels...right. So right. This would be perfect with a few more hounds, maybe a wee bai----. WHAT?! No. No no no no no no. Do NOT go there Leo. Change your thoughts. Let's think about something else. Forget how perfect this feels making dinner for the clan with the man you love. Move on. 

He is teasing me again. I love it when he does. He gets all playful. I love it. Oh! I need to remember to have Wood-Sculptor to make me a spear using that special wood. I keep forgetting. I hate spears, but I will master it. I WILL. You'll see. The Spear won't win. 

Dinner is done for now. I have time to change my bandage. He wants to help me!!! I love him so much!! He is the sweetest man I have ever been with. He is carrying me upstairs!!!! Balding beards!! I tore my stitches!! Again! This is going to get infected. I know it. He will not let me live this one down. He is right though. I need to rest it. I need to let my foot heal. My head heal. He says he will care for me if I lose my job. Love!! 

Time to go back downstairs. And he is carrying me again. He lifts me like I weigh nothing. Rugged, manly, handsome, kind....grr. How perfect is my love? Oh look! Tree-Walker, Ljota, and Home-Wright have arrived!! I should hide a wheel of cheese from her...and hide one for her delight only. She is going to love the cheese tarts!!! Is it wrong I make all my desserts specifically for her? No. Not at all.

Dinner is on the table thanks to Hound-Friend and Home-Wright. Such help!! AND everyone loves it. Look how excited Home-Wright is! She is adorable and I love her. I need to cook for that lass every day. Oh! Jess is going to find us Mustard Seed! That will go great with the pork next time! Good thinking my love!! He is so smart. 

Going around the table for reports. Moot has officially started which means I have to keep quiet. I am so nervous!! He said he would ask the clan to let me join at the Moot today. I have what I want to say ready to convince them, if needed. I can do this! First, eat and let everyone report. Hmm...the hounds outside are making a lot of noise. I wonder what it is? Surely Hound-Friend and the others will know if those are barks warning of danger. Hound-Friend got up to check. Now Home-Wright is up. Well, might as well wander out to see if they need help. Grab my sword and limp on out. Man, I hope those aren't Orcs. My foot hurts way too much to deal with them right now. 

Wow! Just. Wow. That is a lot of Woodmen. Looks like Snow-Hair has returned and she brought friends. Lots of warriors to help fight. I feel a little...not needed right now. There he is doing his Woodman salute. He looks so noble, valiant doing that. Like a Knight of the old tales. Only less armor and more Man. 

I guess with all these new clan members I will probably need to leave my room. Make room for actual clan. Home-Wright says I might have to bunk with a couple of them. I don't mind. I shared a room with four of my seven brothers. I can handle a couple Woodmen. Oh! Looks like I do not have to. Hound-Friend said for me to move in with him!!! I love Moot night. 

I am so tired....I don't feel so well. I think my foot is infected. I should check tonight, tired.....