The Mind of a Minstrel 2020-02-07 Pipsqueek

This is not the time for songs. This is a time for war!!!! How dare they!!!!???? He is just a bairn!! A wee bairn!!! Excuse me ladies. Don't mind me. Just off to murder some people, if you can call them that. There will be bloodshed tonight!!!! Murder! I will murder them all! 

Brigands too my Pipsqueek!! My baby Mumakil!!! They will die!!!! Oh good! Hound-Friend is coming. AHA!! You're all in for it now!! Why is he asking so many questions?! My wee bairn is in trouble!! Let's go already!! Can we get him with a fair fight? I don't plan on fightin fair love!! I will reign the wrath of the Valar and one very short woman upon them!! They shall feel my fury!!! 

Tree-Walker, HUndr, Niht, Brenn, and Fang are coming along. Good!!! Come pups!! Rescue one of your own!!! Rescue a fellow cute and adorable!!! YES!!! It is ON now!!! Let's go!! Marching to war!!! Wait...why are we stopping now???? Is someone out there? If it is one of those brigands I will end them right here!! Oh...It is just an elf. Vandallan he says his name is. He wants to join us on our 'hunt'. Fine. Bring more weapons. His swords look sharp. May they carve many brigands into tiny wee pieces!!! 

Here we are! The place where they die! Twelve men have my Pipsqueek...and are poking him with spears!!!!!!! SPEARS!!!???? You will all DIE!!! Torture first. A lot of torture. Then death. Lots of death. No one touches my Pipsqueek!! No one!! You will all pay!! Specially you who stabbed my Pipsqueek!!! You are MINE!!!! I will rip you limb from limb!!!! With my bare hands!!!! How dare you stab a baby!! A baby!!!! 

Ok, calm down. Seriously Leo. You need to stay calm in order to think of a plan. We need a plan of attack so no one gets hurt or killed, besides those misguided idiots that Oliphaunt-napped ber baby!!! Ok FOCUS! We need a plan. They wont have followed you out here and expect you to lead them in battle without a plan. Ok, think of a good one and--- 

Is Hound-Friend issuing orders? He has a plan!!!!! OH LOVE!!!! My sweet, perfect, strong chieftain of a love!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at him go! Look at him give orders with his plan made from his beautiful mind!!! If I wasn't in murder mode and my baby wasn't in danger, I would kiss you so hard right now!!!! Are we taking their lives, Master Elf? 

Yes. Yes we are. Leave none alive. They stabbed my baby. They all must die!!! Painfully and slowly!!! Tree-Walker, Hound-Friend, and Vandallan give arrow cover. Good!! Keep them at a safe distance. My orders are to free my baby, got it, and kill any stragglers. Oh, I am ON it. You beautiful, rugged, handsome, decisive, strategic chief of the Woodmen!!!!! 

That is the signal!!! CHARGE!!!!!! Look at those hounds go!!! OH I LOVE THOSE PUPS!!!! YES!! Take them down my beauties!!! The arrows and hounds fly!! The brigands scatter. COWARDS!!! Pipsqueek is free!!! Ok baby! Mummy has you!! Mummy won't let anyone hurt you again. You stay behind Mummy my sweet wee bairn and I will kill every single one of these bad men that hurt you. Starting with these three!!! 

Ok, maybe three at once was a bad idea. WHISTLE FOR HELP!!!! I hope that signal works!! One down!! And...Hound-Friend!!! He came to my whistle!!!! LOVE!!!! You are sexy when you are killing brigands!!! I need to remember to tell him that. Look at him go!!! I can hear a man behind us! I hope he goes for me! I am the only one wearing armor of any kind. Brace for the hit and....FANG!!! Good boy!!!!! Who kills bab brigands that are going to attack Hound-Friend and me??? You do!!!!! Extra pork for you my sweet pup!!!! Extra pork for all the pups!!!! I love these hounds!!!! Men are dead. Good. Last one at my feet. The spear-weilder! The baby stabber!!! DIE!!!! Don't!! Touch!! My!!! Bairn!!!! I WILL END YOUR WHOLE LINE!!! YOU WILL BE NOTHING!! I--- Oh...the battle is over. Hound-Friend s touching me. HE IS HURT!!!! NO!!! Not my love!!! 

Ok, home then treat his wound. Oh, my love! He risked so much to save Pipsqueek! They all did! I can't believe they all came running like that. To help me! To save a creature none of them knew existed until now. I love these Woodmen!!!!! That's it!! I vow here and now My Lady, no harm shall come to these Woodmen so long as I breathe!! I, Leohna, Acolyte of Queen Elbereth, so swear to protect the Woodmen with my last breath. The people, their way of life, their culture, all of it. I will be their champion!!! This I do vow!

PIPSQUEEK!! My baby!!!! Oh look at that wee face!! Listen to those wee toots!! Oh baby!!! Did you miss Mummy? Did those mean men scare you? Poor baby!! Ok, back at the Lodge. Time to check everyone's wounds starting with Hound-Friend...who is looking after Niht! Awww!! Such a sweet man, but you are bleeding! Let me check you, then fix Niht. Your wound is worse love! MEN!! So frustrating, but so delicious. Tree-Walker and Fang, fine. Good. My sweet heroes!!! The elf, needs work, but can wait. Everyone else is fine. Now for Hound-Friend. Stubborn love. I can't believe he treated Niht before letting me look at him. No, wait. I CAN believe it. He loves those hounds more than himself, I think. That's ok. It just means I need to love him even more. And understand his hounds will always come first. Fine too. Looks like I need to brush up on my hound anatomy, so I can be there to help him heal them. That is all there is to it. 

Pipsqueek can stay the night!! His wound is light thanks to his natural armor. Poor baby. Oh well. You are safe now lovey pie! Mummy is here. You have lovely hounds watching over you and tomorrow I will find a home for you that I know is safe from brigands or anything that will harm you. I promise baby. Yes I do my sweet Pipsqueek. Pipsqueek is settled and now to catch Hound-Friend so I can stitch him up. Poor darling!! Aye, he was right about me needing his help. My dearest love. 

Ooo! Wood-Sculptor is not happy about our elf-friend being in the lodge. Mind your own business Leo. This is clan business and you arent a part of the clan. Yet. After today, I am going to be a part of this clan. They jumped into battle at a moment's notice to save someone I loved. I am theirs for life. For life!! Sure my love is in the clan. That is a big perk. A big perk. Oh! Look at this wound! My love!! My sweet love!!! I will fix you up and give you something for the pain. Sweet love!! Then you are snuggling with me all night so I can keep an eye on you. My love!!! 

Now the elf's turn. Poor lad. Took a spear for Pipsqueek. Good lad. Sweet lad. I feel bad he feels so unwelcome here right now. Something must have happened to make Wood-Sculptor act that way. She was real welcoming with me. Maybe Ljota and her were talking about something important? Maybe she doesn't like men? Or elves? All stitched and bandaged! Now to check up on Pipsqueek and the hounds before I look at my own foot. Which feels broken. Oh! It hurts to bad! I shouldn't have kicked that guy. I doing the same thing as Hound-Friend? Yes. Yes I am. Love that man. I hope he lets me live this one down and forgives me for making such a big deal about him doing it. Maybe if I love him up extra well tonight he will forget all about it? It is a plan. A good one. A fun one. 

Pipsqueek is asleep with a couple of the hounds. So cute!! Look at them all cuddling!! I love them all!! Time to go inside, get a drink, and fix my foot. This is going to hurt. Hi Tree-Walker, love!! I will forever love that woman!!! I need to do something extra special for her to thank her. I am in too much pain right now to give her a proper thank you, but I will. Ok, drink, done. Now to hop upstairs and fix this foot. Sit on the bed...and pull the boot off....Ew. that my bone sticking out? Oh, I think I am going to throw up....

Ok, tough it out. Focus. Think like a healer and not the patient. No pain. You feel no pain. No pain as you reset the bone in your foot. OUCH!!!!!! OW OW OW OW OW OW!!! No pain. Got it. Now to stitch it up. OW OW OW OW OW OWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Take a break before you throw up on your foot, Leo. Breathe. Just breathe. There you go. Bandage it up and crawl in bed with Hound-Friend. There you go. Grab some willow bark on the way. Much better. Awww!! He is already asleep! Poor darling. Good idea though. I'll just snuggle close and sleep hugging my hero. My sweet, sweet love.