The Mind of a Minstrel 2020-02-08 Lazy Day

"Lazy...I wanna be lazy....I long to be out in the sun... with no work to be done....Under that awning.... they call the sky...Stretching and yawning, and let the world go drifting by..."

My foot is killing me. It hurts so bad. If I have to walk back from Bree one more time. I think I will scream! I've already popped the stitches twice! If I keep this up it is going to get infected and you know how you deal with infections Leo. Not well. Couple more steps and you will be in Hound-Friend's room. He won't mind if I crash on his bed, do you think? No. He won't mind. Besides, I don't think I can make it to my room without crying. 

Aww!! He is asleep!! Look how handsome he is. So adorable sleeping with his shirt and boots off. Mhm. This whole scenario screams snuggle with me. Who am I to keep him waiting? One mustn't keep a chieftain waiting you know. Snuggled close and--- He is wrapping his arms around me in his sleep!!! Oh love!!! You snuggle all you want my darling!! Oh, he is so warm. I could fall asleep like this every day. I want to fall asleep like this every day. I'm going to. That is all there is to that. Time to make that happen. I do not want to let this man go ever. He is too perfect. 

Oh! He is awake and sounds in pain! What did I do? Did I touch his wound?! He just shifted wrong. Poor love!!! I will make all that pain go away. Why does he doubt himself as cheiftain? He has been doing such a wonderful job protecting us all. The way he saved Pipsqueek. He even settled some dispute between Ljota and Wood-Sculptor. See?! Why can't he see how well he is doing? I will make him see. Can't tell him that though. Can't interfere in clan business.

What I CAN do is mention how he saved my life, first with his lessons, then in person. Remind him what he has done for me the last few days and that he is a hero. THAT I can do without interfereing with the clan. HA! Take that loophole!! He kissed my cheek!!! Love this man, so much. He thinks he would make a better captain than a cheiftain. He actually would make a better captain. Not that he is a bad cheiftain, it is just, he hates it so much! From what I can tell her hates being cheiftain. I wish he could step down. Honestly, I dont see why a clan this small needs a cheiftain. It could run just as well with a council. Everyone has their own duties and expertise they report on anyways. Why not let the person with the most experience in whatever situation comes up make their recommendation and have the rest of the council vote on it? It would make everyone's lives easier. Specially Hound-Friend's. 

Again, not my place.

Is he doubting himself again? He says it isn't self-doubt. What is it love? How can I help? Maybe I should ask him that? HA! I did and it worked!!! He thinks the clan doesn't need one either! HA! I was just thinking that! Didn't I just say that?! How do we think so much alike??? This man really is perfect for me. 

Don't ask him to dance. HA! Love this man. Although, seeing him dance would be a treat. Later. Ask him to dance when he is healed. Besides, your foot is so broken you wont be able to dance with him and that is half the fun of dancing. The other half is being real close to the one you love. Oh! He caught me! I knew he would catch me doing the same thing he did and wouldn't let it go. Not after the grief I gave him about not tending his wound. I can give excuses, but it is really the same thing. At least he is hugging me. This is nice. Scold me all you want love, just dont let go. I could live in these arms. And he is kissing me!!!! I love this man!!! 

He is asking about Pipsqueek. I hope I didn't cause him more grief with the clan by having him here. Luckily, a member of the Order has a daughter that specializes in caring for exotic creatures. Lass loves them. After meeting her, I could tell she loves every creature she cares for and Pipsqueek will be happy. She also has 5 wee bairns. Pipsqueek took one look at them and fell in love. He needs to be around children. He lights up!! Sweet bairn. Maybe one day I will give him children. Maybe. If Hound-Friend wants them....

Wait. Did you just say you wanted children? You have never wanted children before! Why am I thinking about them now? Sure seeing five adorable wee ones jumping about was adorable. And yes, I did think of what mine and his child would look like while I was watching hers....OK. So it is because I saw a bunch of adorable wee ones. That is what did it. Give it some time and the notion will leave your head entirely. 

Let's focus on another topic, brain, how about that? Like where we are going to live. Pipsqueek has his perfect home. It isn't with me, but I can't care for him here. Not with an Orc invasion on the horizon. Not while I am an outsider in the clan. This may be a good time to talk to him about this stuff. Joining the clan. Being more than his lover. Do it!! Ok, here goes everything. 

He thinks I am rushing things by wanting to be more than his lover. Please, please My Dear Beautiful Lady!! Please don't let me run him off!!! Explain to him how right this feels. How he is the only man everything has felt "right" with!! How your heart yearns for him when he isn't around and lights up when he is. Tell him!! Ok, well maybe not all of that, but some of it. He said 'Alright'!!!!!! It is a start. He says he is mine until I decide otherwise!!! Get ready love. I am not going anywhere. You are mine for life!!! 

He has to bring it up to the clan to ask if I can join. Next moot and we will see!!! I will do whatever they ask of me to prove I want to be in this wonderful clan!! You will see!!! Come next Moot I will be a Woodman!! A Woodman who needs to mend his tunic and undershirt. Love this man. So much. Oh! Wood-Sculptor is here. 

He told her we are together!!!!!! She said that was lovely and was that a smile I saw??? Now they are talking of clan matters. I will be quiet then and listen to my own thoughts while I rest here in his arms. He didn't pull away or stop hugging me when she walked in. He isnt ashamed of me or how we feel about each other. That is a first for me. Usually the man or woman stops being affectionate as soon as someone saw. Like they didnt want to show the world they cared for me. He does. I just wish I knew if he loved me as I love him. 

Is she apologizing to me? For what? Being rude. When was she...? Oh, to the elf when I was stitching folks up. Hmm. I didn't even take it that way when it happened, but she did apologize and apologoes need to be acknowledged. More clan talk. My foot is killing me. I need willow bark and sleep. I hope he doesn't mind. Did he? Did he just ask me if it was ok for him to take a nap? I was just about to ask HIM that. Love this man so very much. Nap time for all it is. Curled up in his arms, listening to his heart, his breath...THIS is how you sleep. 

"I wouldn't peep... through the deep...... tangled wildwood.......... counting sheep....'Till I sleep like a child would..."