Yule Supper at the Knotwood Boarding House

Come for a relaxed evening of food and drink, fireside cheer and hospitality! 

December 21st, 2019
3:00pm severtime/EST
3 Fountain Street, Knotwood (Bree-land homesteads)

Event details:

*Signs have been placed around the village of Knotwood and its neighboring hamlets*

The Knotwood Boarding House will be open to all on the evening of Saturday, the twenty-first of December, starting at three o'clock. Folk are welcome to stop in for a free meal and a toast to celebrate the Yule season! 

Menu: https://laurelinarchives.org/node/51309

OOC details:

(This will be an informal event, drop in whenever you like, stay as long or as short as you wish! Please see the linked menu for what food and drink will be available.)

Taite Rushwood

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