Bad Drueams

The night air was chilly, as most autumn nights were currently. The upside to such weather was the bright and numerous stars, leaning down so close as if to whisper to Dru's ear. What it was saying to her, she could rarely tell.
But this time it was all too clear.

"You fail. Again. You fail."

The voices were audible as she walked along, shaking her head and covering her ears. Dav didn't seem to hear them, but she did even through her hands.
He was walking beside her, speaking where she could not hear.

His words were drowned out by the stars, but his expression held such trust. He trusted her.

Until the sword shot through his chest from behind. Then his expression held such betrayal and pain. As though she was the one stabbing him through his heart.

But no, the one stabbing him had a tattoo across his face. How had she not noticed him there sooner? Had he been following them all along?

"He is weak, Dru. You're self reliant. You don't need him weighing you down," he said, his voice full of hatred for the man before him. Dav fell to the ground with a dull thud. Empty. Simply the shell of himself.

All she could do was stare in horror as Stitches stepped over toward her with the look of a crazed animal. Her tears streamed down her face as she screamed, attempting to kick and claw her way out of his grasp.

She hit the floor with a thud, waking Belinda. Belinda popped up, eyes wide as Dru sat on the floor and held her head. She still wept.

She knew Stitches wasn't like that. She knew none of it happened. But she still felt the entire dream. It felt very real to her. She let everyone down. Everyone around her.

She hadn't meant to, but she told Belinda most of the dream. It was the least she could do after causing such a rude awakening. In the end, she stayed awake with Dru; going up and standing beside the fire and speaking until Davamir interrupted.
This time, Dru couldn't insult him with as much enthusiasm as normal.