Night Raid in Rohan

It is two weeks since the New Year fires blazed across the hills of Dunland, when the brave among Wulf’s clans swore to honour their ancestors and stalk the path to Rohan to plant a reminder of their reach. Before the bull was slaughtered for feasting and the custom of settling peace between neighbors was complete, the derwydd, Canwr, issued a challenge to those who would see it done: 

“Ride across the Isen to the horse farms of the Forgoil. Steal away a number of their beasts, the best you can find and ride to Fréasburg. Within sight of those walls and beneath the cloak of night, you shall tie those beasts to the banner of Wulf, and this you shall do with as little shed blood as possible, to show them even in the coldest and darkest of times that while our warbands have shrunk, our reach is as long as it was in the time of the great Wulf.”

On Tuesday, November 19th, at 3:00 PM Server Time, the Dunlendings shall gather in secret at a farmstead in the Stonedeans, steal the horses of the Thane’s cousins, and ride them to Fréasburg to prove they can still reach that ancient fortress that was besieged by their great ancestor, Wulf, during the Long Winter. Any who are brave and wish to see Rohan shiver from the memory of that great war are urged to come.

November 19th, 2019
East Rohan, the Wold

Event details:

The location (for level and easy travel purposes) of the farm in the Stonedeans will be the Wold farmstead at 33.5 S, 55.3 W, East Rohan. The thieves will ride the beasts to the walls of Fréasburg, which will be represented by Stangard in game. This is landscape RP so we suggest you bring a Dunlending that is level-appropriate (70-75+) or use an alt as a stand-in. Summoning level is 50. Contact Gryffudd in-game or here with questions, or join us on the Rohan & the Wild Hills Discord. There will be fall-out RP in the week or so following, so if you do not have a Dunlending but want to be involved in that on your Rohir, Ranger, or Other, get in touch!

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