Illegible Scrawls Of A Farmgirl - Entry Nine

It were a useless wish, to hope that nothing would happen yesterday. But at least it were nothing bad. (I know my grammar is still poorly, and I'm sorry for it, but it's just easier!)

If someone had told me a week ago that the Boarding House would have not one, but TWO dwarves staying in it, I'd have given them a look like they was mad. But here we are, and it seems Master Tumunir is all right with me saying his name, at least in front of the new dwarf, Master Maurr. I don't know if they're acu aqu if they know each other already, but they seemed to, as they arrived together at the house last night. Master Maurr seems a perfectly friendly sort, and he did decide to take the bed that were free. I were chuckling to myself when Master Tumunir crept over to "his" bed while I were talking to Master Maurr, and he were fiddling with the blankets as if to make it known which bed were his.

Master Maurr paid a whole month all at once. It doesn't seem proper to show any kind of exit excitm to act giddy about it, since the money isn't for me, it's for the Holbrooks. I've never held so much coin in my hand at once. I hope I didn't look too silly staring at it. I don't think I did. I'll walk over to the farm and get it out of my pocket and into the Holbrooks' hands after breakfast. 

Both Master Tumunir and Master Maurr offered to help with any chores around the house. Master Tumunir has already agreed to split and chop the firewood for his keep, and even though Master Maurr paid in coin, he said he'd be happy to help as well, to keep himself busy and have something to do. I never knew much about dwarves, but they sure seem obliging and helpful! I'll have to see if I can find out if dwarves have a favorite food and try to make it for them as thanks. But how would I found out? Maybe I can ask Doc.

I found out why Master Maurr asked about windows looking north. He wants to keep an eye on the Blackbird Soothery. I don't know the story behind it all, at least not yet. He said something about a woman who works there being followed by strange men, and he wants to keep an eye on the place. Is she his friend? It didn't sound like they were friends. But I didn't ask him much about it, as it isn't really my business. I did tell him that any trouble what comes of him peeking out that window, though, he has to keep it away from this house! 

I'd better stop rambling on paper and go clean up a bit, check on my stout little guests, then get this coin over to the Holbrooks.