The Shadow Walkers: Every Journey Has An End.

After many years and days of travels The Forngarmo, now separated from the others decided to take one more road as a Shadow Walker. She slowly went back through Mordor, leaving Seregost behind. What of her friends? One would ask. They took another way as there is nothing that can last forever. She walked all the way to the Ranger Encampment in Agarnaith, several times glancing behind. Somehow, she was changed by an unknown event that happened during the battle in the Court of Seregost. She was now known around as Gorneleg, The Hard Ice. But not many knew about why she got such a name. The Forgarmo or now Gorneleg spent the night at the camp, watching the dark, bloody sky in silence before proceeding into Talath Urui. Many battles and tasks she had to do during her time there. Once again the memories took over her. She wandered through that dangerous region while being a bit off and unfocused what could result with dying on the way if ambushed. She kept riding whole day and night before finally reaching an outpost. And so passed another months and days, proceeding through Dor Amarth and Udun. Then finally leaving Mordor. Next days passed on travelling through The Wastes, Ithilien then the other parts of Gondor. She spent there more time than intended as Gondor always had a special spot in her heart and life. Next she took the road through Rohan and so on. After many months she finally reached her home in Evendim, where she recovered from the journey and took on her old, worn robes once again. The Forngarmo was no more. She closed the door behind her and gave it to one of his brothers. Now, known as Gorneleg she started another journey, to the land she was devoted too - Forochel. There, she watches over the lands since then.