The Market in Thornhope

We departed from Forlaw with vivid and vibrant memories of last night, the excellant taste of my first pint of ale, and father and Sigehelm telling our story, and Sigehelm's poem, about the orc ambush we encountered some ways from Balewood. We continued upon the road to home, it was decided that we were going to stop in Thornhope to plan and check our supplies. Father made a good statement that we are running out of supplies, and that we should resupply at the nearest market. We arrived at Thornhope and got to its market. It was a wonderous sight, for it was quite busy, different smells from delicious pastries and spices. I had some coins myself, as I managed to sell some, average quality, carvings of horses and various animals, hawks and birds, boars and bears. Father sold the spare bear pelts we had, while Sigehelm was selling some of the various weapons and scraps he looted off of the orc corpses.

I couldn't resist the sweet call of those honey cookies, and so, I went over, taking in the various scents of all the sweets. "Hello there sir! I was hoping to ask how much your honey cookies are, as they smell delicious!" I smiled at the man, I was hoping I could buy at least, four. "Ah hello there lad! Hundred copper is what one usually goes for, but just for you, I'll give you four for two-hundred, just for you. Fair?" I nodded, almost crying out loud in excitement, I reached for my pockets and got the two-hundred copper coins, and gave it to him, in turn, he gave me the four cookies. Quickly, I began to start to nibble upon the first cookie, I let out a sigh in contentedness as I dug my teeth into it's soft texture. It was almost as enjoyable as my first pint of ale. I hid the other three as Sigehelm walked over to the stall.

I stood by him and suggested for him to buy the honey cookies, "Brother! You should buy the honey cookies, they are amazing." Sigehelm smiled at me, nodding. "I suppose they are if you've bought four, I won't tell father if you don't tell him." I nodded, and walked away from the stall as Sigehelm bought the cookies. We hid them from father, chuckling a tad while we walked to the tavern. Father got the supplies we needed, and we bought the supplies we deserved.

We arrived at the tavern with smiles upon our faces. Father rented out a room for the day, and we got some rest. After our long naps, we started to plan our next leg of the journey, we now were entering friendly land, tame land. "Hmm, we'll continue upon the path we took upon the first leg of the journey. Aye, all agreed?" I nodded, yet Sigehelm didn't, he spoke with thoughts upon his mind which he was pondering for many hours. "Yet, if the orcs we fought near Balewood were larger in numbers, and the news of their death most likely would be known throughout the orc tribes, or whatever they are called. Wouldn't they attempt to take revenge for their kin, and hunt us down?" Father and I shook our heads, disagreeing, I spoke first. "I don't think so. That much orcs wouldn't be able to pass into Rohan like that unnoticed, if they did, they wouldn't last long. I still say we should follow the path we know best." Father agreed, and raised his hand so that the discussion would be put to a close. "Indeed, we shall follow the path we know best. Sigehelm, I do commend your forward thinking, both of you, get some rest." All of us went to sleep after we finished the discussion, I was glad that we were using the path we know the best, but I was still worried at what Sigehelm said, hopefully, he is wrong.